Colorado members -- motorcycle jack
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Thread: Colorado members -- motorcycle jack

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    Colorado members -- motorcycle jack

    CO members, particularly those within a reasonable distance from Colorado Springs, I recently got a craftsman 1500lb capacity motorcycle jack. If any of you need to use it, please PM me and we will arrange it. Also, if you are lacking in garage space/tools/know-how, let me know and we can arrange a "fix the bike" day as long as you can get it down here (and if it's a fix that you're unsure of, I'm comfortable with attempting it).

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    I am glad to see you offering to hold a "Fix the Bike" day and hope that you able to generate some interest.

    I have enjoyed the "Wrench & Ride" events that I have held and have met a lot of great forum members.

    Best of luck with yours!


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    I can't see if the link is working in my sig. Are we unable to see our own sigs?

    Never mind, now I see it. Odd. I'm on another forum which uses the same software and it backfills sigs on old posts. Guess not on here?
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    I like the idea of a wench and ride.
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    This is a great offer. I'm in the Boulder area and kinda busy (aren't we all?) but would love to do a fix-it day, as I'm still learning about these things. Will stay tuned.

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    Wrench and rides or bike fix it days are the way to go. As most of us have or will learn, once you do a particular fix the second, third and fourth time it becomes so simple. Having the jack and the right tools is yet another of the major benefits of these gatherings. The only draw back that I see is that sometimes 2 heads are better than one but 3, 4 and 5 heads tend to collide with one another as in too many cooks spoil the broth.
    I appreciate having help and company when doing repairs but not so much having second, third and fourth opinions and guidance.

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    I am just now seeing this thread, and wish I lived close to you. I struggle with trying to be my own mechanic. Your generosity is appreciated.
    Tom in Wichita

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