Bobber/Chopper Idea For The TW!!
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Thread: Bobber/Chopper Idea For The TW!!

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    Bobber/Chopper Idea For The TW!!

    Just kidding of course!

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    Yes, a joke.. Egads!
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    Wow, no way to see where you're going without bobbing your head around. Different but dangerous. Not a good match.
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    And the Darwin theory award goes to.......
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    Senior Member BkCntryCrwlr's Avatar
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    Yahhh, no thanks!
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    You can't see it if you're not out there living it!

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    The S^*t people come up with
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    plenty of room to mount a larger tank, easy to drain every last drop, plenty of cooling for the engine, plenty of real estate to mount a lizrd cooler, low seat height, a distinctive bike that stands out... you guys are real buzz kills.

    why i bet that tw-brian is building a better one right now.
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    He can also with just a glance tell if his petcock is turn off or on.
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    How about an overhead rack for luggage? It will also block you from harmful uv rays.

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