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Thread: need the down and dirty

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    need the down and dirty

    So I have gotten some recommendations, I have read some reviews...Checking this forum, things like oil and tire change interval work for me. I am kind of sold. Granted I have not read everything on here, but are there any chronic problems with the bike? I am not one to any modifications for what it is worth, and I know that can make a difference.

    If I get it , I will sell my smallest scooter and this bike would step into service for my urban neighborhood stuff but most important be an off road friend! I have a BMWf700 for touring and whipping around back roads (definitely not a dirt bike, at least with my skills), an old Honda 250 Helix as a commuter. So what's the catch? It seems like the TW is perfect for what it is supposed to do. I am pretty short, with an even shorter inseam so my options for a street legal light/moderate dirt bike are limited. Thanks for helping me, or keeping me from pulling the trigger
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    Welcome Lynlee,
    The TW is a simple and thus fairly reliable machine with no serious chronic problems.
    Biggest problem is we riders often try to upshift into the nonexistent sixth gear.
    Try to snag a test ride before purchase rather than simply accept the glowing endorsement of a biased die-hard TW fan such as myself.
    Have you had a chance to ride a TW yet?
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    Ditto Fred's comment. Other than trying for 6th gear 12 times today in 25 miles, pretty solid!
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    Welcome to the forum!!
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    No chronic issues at all. I hit 42000 miles before I had to do any work. Regular maintenance was only tires, brakes, sprockets, chain, oil changes. The stock tires for me wore out at about 3000 miles. I switched to TW203 and TW204 which are better for the street but wouldn't be good in sand or mud.
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    As a woman that's only 5'4", I can tell you the TW is a great bike. Its standard seat height is comfortable, but if it still feels tall, the bike can easily be lowered several inches and still handle great. It is inexpensive to change the handlebars for a more ergonomic fit. Add a larger tank for more range. Add an atv seat pad, or update the seat cushion completely for long distance rides... there's a ton of inexpensive ways to make this bike perfect for you.

    I own 4 motorcycles (5 now) and of all 4 bikes, the TW has become my favorite. So much so that it has become my daily driver and I just bought a second one so friends and family can come ride with me off-road!

    If you're looking for a perfect daily commuter, the TW fits the bill. Throw a set of Shinko SR428 Dual Sport Tires on the bike and you're set for regular street riding with an occasional foray off road. I'm no mechanic, but between the excellent folks on this forum and the simplicity of the bike, it is super easy to maintain. Excellent gas mileage. Throw a rear rack with a top box on it, or add saddle bags for some cargo capacity and you can even go grocery shopping for a couple of bags of goodies.

    That's just my point of view. But if you're going from a scooter to a cycle for a daily driver, the TW is hard to beat.
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    The chronic issue is that it will eventually be parked closest to the garage door in front of all your other bikes for quickie and local riding. Lotsa fun.

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    Thank you all this is all great news! It seems like it is a great fit for what I want. Funny about looking for 6th gear, I am sure I will, but on the other hand I am used to under powered things coming from the scooter world. I certainly appreciate the size. I have not been able to build my off road skills on my GS...for me, on dirt it is overpowered and heavy (near/over 500 wet, with all the accessories I have on it). And if I got a dirt would need to be street legal, and I have not seen a street legal that fits well.

    I have a friend who has one who will let me ride it. But before I get too carried away I will go sit on one, although I have a good eye can see the ergonomics are nice for me. Thanks all, more than likely it could be slow go if I try and get one used, but maybe some dealers are trying to get rid of some 16's.
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    Hi Lynlee, and welcome;

    I just looked up your 250 Helix. If that is your small scooter the TW will replace then the one problem will be highway ability. The article said the Helix can easily cruise 65-70, so you can get out on the freeway fine. The only time you would want to take the TW on Hwys 5, 8, or 163 would be in workers traffic (55 mph or less) as holding 60 on any incline or into headwinds can be a problem. I ran around SD county fine on a Xl175 or 180/185 fine; but that was back when the speed limit was 55. Climbing 163 out of Mission Valley on the TW, you would not hold 60 and might have to shift to 4th to maintain 55. The TW will have a lot more vibration than a scooter I imagine.

    Off-road, the TW suspension and power limit how fast you will get somewhere compared to more powerful/better suspended bikes in tougher terrain - but it will get you there.

    Having said all that; (other than freeway speeds) I think the TW would be great for what you have stated.
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    I'll throw one additional comment into this about "chronic" problems, in 10+ years of owning several TW's, the only issue is bad gas. Try to run non-ethanol gas and use Sta-Bil gas treatment or some other quality fuel stabilizer. Do the proper prep on the carb if you're going to store it for the winter. I have had carbs get gunked up to to sitting for a few months in the winter, that is only because I didn't do the due diligence prior to the snow flying. Having learned my lesson, I now have no issues in the spring, put in gas, fire it up and go riding! Lastly, keep your battery charged while it is dormant. TW's are good bikes and sound like a good fit for your needs/wants. Enjoy!
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