My first ever barn find and my first bike!!
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Thread: My first ever barn find and my first bike!!

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    My first ever barn find and my first bike!!

    So while going to pick up my son's first ever dirt bike from a friend, we get a call about one of my brothers customers who has what is described as an older "on-road/off-road dirt bike" and they only want a hundred dollars to make room in the garage.
    Not one word about the make model year or anything. So without knowing anything other than there could be over triple the value in parts, no matter the condition, I offered up the first hundred bucks.
    I've never owned a bike myself, but I dreamed of riding along side my son since we first talked about getting him a bike.
    So when we go to pick up this "old bike" and help free up garage space, I notice we are in a very well to do area. When we get to the back of this very large and expensive garage, there sit's the most amazing bike!!! It even seems like it was meant for a fat guy like me with the fat tires..
    Turns out that her late (and very well off) husband bought it new and only rode it a few times so it lived it's whole life in the garage. Only thing we had to do was put in a new battery, clean out the carb, add gas, and then add air to the tires.
    This thing has almost NO signs of being used ever!!!! No marks on the side covers, not a scratch on any plastics or anywhere.
    Only thing missing was an M in the Yamaha on the back fender.
    I have since really started to find a love for this bike (and saving 30 bucks in fuel each week helps that alot)..
    I really find it cool that this bike is so reliable and dependable that it has its own cult like following,,,, I'm definitely glad to join the ranks..
    Hope to add some "as she sat photos" at the end of the post!
    (And yes, the odometer works fine, it only had 632.1 miles on it,,,, not bad for an old 96...)
    Yeah,,,, best hundo this man has ever spent!!!!
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    Since buying this hundred dollar gem,,, I've added a lil rack to tote stuff and I've done an oil change (which scared me seeing metal but figured it to be the first oil change ever so I relaxed a tad).
    Got the LED headlight to install and I'm looking to fashion up a cool fishing pole holder.
    She now has 700 miles and I was thinking that a valve adjustment may be in order, just trying to find the specs for that.
    I live in the middle of the desert and was wondering what some of the better mods people have been doing to their TW's????
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    Wow, did you ever get the deal of the day!! That's about the best deal I've ever heard of here on the forum.


    Intake .002 / .004
    Exhaust .004 / .006

    Adjust cold (overnight) or at room temperature.

    Look in our technical section, the first thing you see, is technical write-ups. You will find downloadable service manuals there.
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    Great find, definitely a bargain if ever there was one!!

    New tires, lube cables, new chain (O-Ring), lube speedo gear in front wheel, might need a seat foam refresh (they age as well), you did the battery, and other than a fresh oil change and fresh fuel, you should be all set.

    Run some fuel treatment through the system (Seafoam or other), and change the fuel lines as a matter of course . All those rubber, foam, and plastic bits are over 20 years old.
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    Great deal you got there!!!! Probably want to look at replacing those old tires and check the foam air filter and spark plug.

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    You should have bought a lottery ticket that day also.

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    Lucky duck.....
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    Great deal!!
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    Great score for sure but go to the general discussion section and to TWs by the year pictures. You will quickly see you are missing a lot more than the M in Yamaha on the rear fender. All the original graphics have been removed and I don't have a clue how he did it. IMO that does no mean a bad deal in any way but it is rather weird how the tank looks like new but the decals are gone as well as on all the plastics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBlizzy View Post
    She now has 700 miles and I was thinking that a valve adjustment may be in order, just trying to find the specs for that.
    I live in the middle of the desert and was wondering what some of the better mods people have been doing to their TW's????
    Valve adjustment:
    There is also a link to the service manuals in that technical write-ups section.
    Wider footpegs, brush busters (a must), bar risers, set the fork oil level (in the write-ups) seat mods.
    If you are going to use it on gnarly stuff like the Crown King road or above 4,000 in the mountains and not much on highways you might want to drop a tooth on the countershaft sprocket.
    Change the oil again at 1,000 and then go to full synthetic at 1,500....clutch and gearshifts will work a bit better.

    You could probably get away with just a new front (Shinko 241) if you are going to ride mostly in the dirt, but those old tires are too brittle for the pavement.....meaning poor cornering and stopping ability.
    Replace chain with an O-ring type now and enjoy 10,000 miles of trouble free riding without adjustment.

    my 2 cents.
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