New guy questions
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Thread: New guy questions

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    New guy questions

    The time (my advanced age) has come for me to move away from my Rokon to something else. I think I can get a 16 TW200 for between 3500-4000. Is this decent? Any problems with this vehicle being carbureted with today's ethanol gas? Pretty much going to use this vehicle to attached behind my truck camper and do desert putting. I don't expect it to go where a Rokon goes but I'd like to stay in the general area. Any other advice appreciated...

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    The price seems about right. You'd enjoy one. Just use a little Seafoam or Stabil if you are not going to be riding it regularly and it should be fine.

    Welcome to the forum!!
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    That seems to be the going price in Idaho/Oregon area right now. I have seen a couple a little older going for $2000-$3000, but they have all sold in a day or two. They are great bikes for your intentions.
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    I got my 2016 last week for $4399 out-the-door price. It has a one year warranty.
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    Welcome to the forum. I think the TW will take you where you want to go and you will enjoy it.
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