taking my TW overseas - what parts should I take with me?
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Thread: taking my TW overseas - what parts should I take with me?

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    taking my TW overseas - what parts should I take with me?

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum and have really enjoyed reading through all the old threads to get some good ideas. I just got my new 2016 TW200 last week and it has been a blast to ride.

    I bought the TW to take with me overseas, as I will be transferring for work in just a few months. It will be a two year assignment in a developing country with very poor infrastructure.

    I basically need to take everything with me to maintain and repair the bike for two years. I'm hoping you can help me identify all the parts and special tools (if any) that I will need there.

    Here's my starting list:

    1. spare front tire
    2. spare rear tire
    3. oil filters
    4. oil
    5. fuel filters
    6. various bulbs

    What am I missing? What tends to go out first when being daily driven?

    Thanks so much! I love this forum so far.

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    Chain/sprockets, spark plug, tube(s), brakes perhaps, suppose it just depends on the number of miles you are planning on going as to whats likely to give you an issue
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    I would put an O or X ring chain on it before you leave the stock chains will destroy your sprockets at around 5000 miles. Also turn your pilot screw out 2,5 turns before you go.
    Seafoam gas treatment
    tools, feeler gauges, JIS bits, torque wrench, etc
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    I'm mostly going to use it for commuting to work, about 15 miles/day on potholed roads. occasionally i may take off-road or to the beach.
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    The deep checkbook.
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    Change the chain now (leave the sprockets) to an O or X ring and you won't have to worry about it for the duration.

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    One or two spare air filters. A spare pair of grips. Several spare gaskets for the oil filter cover, drain plug and valve covers. Get a new AGM or lithium battery before you go and that should last the duration of your trip. I would also add a quality DC plug with USB charging port. Third world countries have very unreliable power sources but your bike with a high quality battery installed should keep your devices charged nicely. Do not skimp on the battery or charger.

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    no need for a check book - where you go likely no parts to buy anyway for the TW. Good choice that TW. Reliable and trustworthy. The responses are all great and most helpful. Change oil/filters frequently. Spark plug and chain might be good to have even though you'll likely be back before you would ever need a replacement. Good luck, enjoy your stay, your rides and, most of all, stay safe out there ... PS: Helmet and gloves, HD chain or steel cable and HD pad lock!!!
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    2 each break & clutch levers and light bulbs

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