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    I know that I can paint the metal tank, but what about the plastic parts of the bike. If yes, is it a special procedure or paint? Thanks

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    I used Krylon Fusion. Its in rattlecan form and its works pretty darn good.
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    krylon makes a special paint for plastic.. I know that the gloss black works great.. (thanks to my son) $%^&**##@!OMM.

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    I used truck bed liner on my plastics and love it! There is a place or two on the corners where its got knocked off but thats it. As an added bonus the liner is awsome to clean, unlike my engine and header pipe. Only downside is that it took forever to apply. Cant rush it, 1 light layer at a time.
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    For painting the plastics you'll probably want to sand them pretty good with a lower grit to give the paint a solid surface to grab on to

    Payne, I like the LineX idea... Wonder if you could do the whole frame, tank and swingarm with that stuff or if you'd have clearance issues because that stuff lays on pretty thick doesn't it?

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    This has been discussed before in this forum.

    There can be issues with paint as the plastic does allow some leeching of fuel over time from what I recall.

    Some suggested RIT dye... and that may be a workable option. However as I recall it, Procion MX dye is stronger stuff- at least for fabrics.

    One more idea I'd like to share: there is a product widely available called Plasti-dip. It is sold in an aerosol form. The neat thing about it is that it can later be peeled off. So, while it's not the most durable stuff- it can be fun to play with if you aren't sure about a color or don't mind retouching occasionally. It dries super quick and the finish/shine is kind of an eggshell/semi-matte. I've used it on plastic and metal. As always for better adhesion slightly scuff the surface first and topcoat with clear for better durability/shine.
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    Dubs, I used the flexible stuff. Duplicolor bed shield or something like that. I scuffed surface, used hair dryer to dry each coat, and layed it on thick. That being said its not near as thick as I thought and clearance wouldn't be an issue I dont think. If I did the frame I would have gone with a stiffer version of the bed liner. Someone on here did do their whole bike, thats where I got the idea.
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