Are there any years to avoid? What years would be considered the best?
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Thread: Are there any years to avoid? What years would be considered the best?

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    Are there any years to avoid? What years would be considered the best?

    Hi all.. I bought a '96 a couple of years ago, and that was a great bike, it would do an indicated 70 mph on the highway, and pop wheelies off the line with just a blip of the throttle.
    Now, I know these aren't wheelie machines or sport bikes, but having the ability to drive those speeds and also have fun really makes it a great bike.
    Are the older models, like the '96, a little more aggressive in power than the later ones? I am looking at a 2005 now, and the owner says he's had it up to 55.. I don't think I would want to buy it if it maxed out at 55.. Can anyone chime in on the road-worthiness of these later years? I'd love for it to be able to do 65-70, I'd need that in order to keep up with traffic around here.
    Thanks! I'm looking forward to getting back into the seat of a TW

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    Welcome to the forum! If you search the forum, all of your questions will be answered! But, I'll throw you a few teasers- some here say 65-70 mph is the top end in stock form. Aside from the front brake, kick starter/e-start, and carb- the TW hasn't changed much over the last 20 years. Regarding road-worthiness, the TW is a fine road worthy bike right off the showroom floor. You can customize it to be more so, or less so, depending upon your TW dreams. It's a great platform for anyone with a desire to customize. And honestly-if you can find another '96 that will pop wheelies off the line with the blip of the throttle-Buy it!!

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    I have a 2003. 70 mph - down a huge hill tucked way down and feet on back pegs I have seen my speedo touch 70. How accurate our speedos are is an answer I don't have. I also have a non stock sproket in the rear geared a little lower but gives me more torque (I feel). I find my self looking for 6th gear at least 4 times per ride. Wheelies are no problem popping the clutch. I will definitely get a larger bike someday but the TW is the best bike for me if I can only afford one bike.

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    if you want to ride at 70 mph on fast roads, my suggestion would be to buy a different bike. riding the tw on the freeway will shorten it's life or end it when you get run over. wheelies are another thing, there is a member who started a thread a little while ago, showing a single tooth off of a gear and wondering where it came from. my guess is it was from some sort of abuse like pulling wheelies. lots of other bikes out there more suited to fast riding
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    I don't think he years are that important, and the speed / power issue depends a lot on jetting, sometimes on gearing, but the biggest variance in speed/power reports come from rider/gear weight.

    I raced a buddy many moons ago, who's a much better rider, on a better maintained bike (mine was a rescue from an abusive situation to say the least). Both bikes were jetted the same and geared the same. I pulled on him easily and quite dramatically. I weigh 180lbs, he was 240. Multiple races, always the same result, regardless of which bike. The lesson for me -- 60 lbs makes a big difference on a 200 cc bike.

    I'd test ride the newer bike, you'll likely find it's the same as your old one power wise.

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    I wasn't concerned about lack of a kickstarter and wanted the front disc brake so I only looked at 2001+ models.

    I wouldn't worry about power from different years. I'd look at features, add-ons and overall condition.

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    Thanks for all the replies, I wish I had kept my '96, I forgot about the kick starter AND electric start. I'll test drive it but I'll keep looking for a '96.

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    My stock 2014 has hit the low 70s...but, really I don't need that speed and mine runs great at 52-58 mph without a strain....

    Give me the back roads, if I have to ride pavement, and 42-45 is all I need
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    I've had my 2015 up to 71 (GPS indicated) my speedo said 75. I certainly would not keep it there long! This bike is perfect for back roads and dirt - to much fun...but if I am going long distance on fast back roads or highways I take my Victory. The Dub is a blast in it's element.

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    I cant even concieve of a TW that wheelies with the blip of the throttle and runs 70mph. WR250 with double the horsepower will. Neither my prior XT350 or DR350 wheelies with a "blip" of the throttle, they probably would with some gearing and still hit 70mph plus.
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