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    Hey guys,

    I am brand new to this forum and I am seeking some advice.

    First off, I sold my FZ1 last fall and I am having seller's remorse, so I'm looking to get an enduro and have some fun. I found a 1987 TW for sale locally. I have not looked at it yet, and really do not know much about the TW's. What are some things I should know about this older bike in general and what should I be looking for when I check it out? Are these older bikes reliable?


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    how many miles on the bike? does it run? title clear? tag up to date? ask for the vin number and see if it checks out...
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    Welcome. Only weak design element is the crap chain. If the chain is worn, so are the sprockets. Swapping the countershaft sprocket requires removing the engine side cover since it has a bearing to support the outside end of the countershaft. That is why it is wise to use an o-ring chain and go ahead and replace both countershaft seals and the shift shaft seal at the same time.

    The '87 has a 1-year only electrical system and some replacement parts are no longer available from Yamaha. Fortunately, if you find a later model donor TW, the entire electrical system can be upgraded, which provides a more robust system with current parts support, and the '01+ models come with higher wattage. There are other, less intensive solutions available, too, balancing budget with technical abilities. Quite a few '87s have been running for 25 years without missing a beat, and failures are not common, so if the bike runs fine now, you'll likely never have a problem.

    The magneto is under the same engine cover as the countershaft sprocket. If repairs are needed it would be smart to collect parts do all needed repairs/upgrades/replacements on the electrics and chain/sprockets at the same time to save labor and perhaps a gasket.

    There have been some reports of the carb boots shrinking and leaking with age. They are expensive, but easy DIY to change.

    As with any 25-year old motorcycle, deduct from the price the replacement cost of any rubber and plastic bits that have aged. Look at everything from seat cover to handgrips to hoses to tires.

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    Thanks everyone for the advice, however I was just shy of buying the bike before somebody else got it.

    I will continue my search..

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