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Thread: keep it or sell it

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    keep it or sell it

    i waited years to buy a new TW200, in 2014 i bought a new (i think) 2013. put some costume stuff on it, digital dash, skidplat, tubes and big amg battery,
    but all so had kids, moved, work got busy. sh*t only put 300mi on it, so much for weekend bike camping.

    I know i should sell it but what is the future of the TW ? mine is perfect just what i wanted, is it worth more to keep it for a fue years or sell and start over i can get more ride time when kids get older.
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    If money is of no consequence at this time just keep it. It will wait for you until your ready to ride some more.

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    Moth ball it - that way you don't have to start from scratch ....... (wish I'd done the same to some of my bikes in the past ) .......
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    Everyone always regrets it when they have sold one.
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    Just give it to me.

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    Keep it. And get another one so it's not lonely while it waits for you.
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    Definitely keep it, drain the fuel and fog the tank if necessary. Otherwise simply make sure you ride it once a month or so.
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    sell it to me when I'm in your area this week I love 2014's lol - no really I'd hold on to it if it's paid for and it's not your last cash on earth it will hold it's vale better than most any other bike you can own
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    Finances aside, you made it your bike and like it. I would keep it in my stable and keep it ready to roll. There will be those days when you can hop a quick ride and blow off some of the steam from your head and the dust on the bike. The only good reason to sell a TW if money is not the issue is because you can no longer enjoy riding due to health issues.

    I would seek and find pure non ethanol gas to keep the tank filled right to the top with a double dose of Sea Foam in it. Keep the battery on a good tender and fire it up for at least 5 minutes every few weeks or a month. This of course providing you have safe indoor storage for it. If you must leave it sitting out side or in the elements at all then just sell it now.

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    Well..... If you ask me........

    More bikes=Better.

    And remember;

    It is not a collection if you only have one.
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