Another Front Tire Q -- TKC80 vs Shinzo 241
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Thread: Another Front Tire Q -- TKC80 vs Shinzo 241

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    Another Front Tire Q -- TKC80 vs Shinzo 241

    I see a strong consensus about the merits of the 241. I've searched high and low and only find a mention or two about the TKC80. The easy choice would be to get a 241, but I really like the appearance of the large knobs on the TKC. Ive run TKC80s on many different bikes and always liked them.

    Mostly street and gravel road riding, very little true off road. I try to avoid mud and deep sand, although I don't usually turn around when it finds me...

    Does anyone have any experience with the TKC up front? If so, please share your thoughts. Also, what size did you run?

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    I run mostly gravel roads and some trails too. I went from stock to a Michelin63 to a Dunlop 606 to the 241. I was at first disappointed by the look of the tire but after i installed it, way better than the other 3 tires. Have yet to come close to a washout on gravel. I think the smaller width and more knobbies make for a winning combo. And both the 63 and 606 work great as a back tire on other bikes... just not for the front.
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    I am sure it would be fine. Especially if you don't ride much off road. I thought I had seen someone comment on them as a front on thier TW, but could only find them mentioned in the really good list of front tire options here on the forum on another post. Probably wear like iron, but for 3x as much, likely never see the cost savnig if they outlast another tire by the same amount. Most of the time they are used on the bigger adventure bikes. Let us know how you like them! I have a Pirelli MT21 with about 1k mi. of 70/30 off road to on road and can see virtually no wear. The little TW seems super easy on tires.
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