Is 54 Yrs. Old Too Old to Re-learn.....
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Thread: Is 54 Yrs. Old Too Old to Re-learn.....

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    Is 54 Yrs. Old Too Old to Re-learn.....

    Wheelies! Been wanting to do this for awhile now. Been watching trials riders riding slow wheelies forever on Youtube and I was decent on my KLR a few years back but never learned the slow, controlled wheelie, just acceleration wheelies. This video was a few of my practice wheelies. Lots of room for improvement.

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    Never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!!

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    Say's video is private, can't view.
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    To old to use a computer.... lol (I really wanted to see it too)..
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    I though I was too old at 69. but I wasn't. Started again a year and a half ago. Not wheelies. Enjoying the hell out out of it.

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    Love it. I can see the video fine.

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    Nice practicing!
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    Well that's 1000% better than me. I can only do them accidentally at the stop lights. Very embarrassing..
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    I am afraid to let them go any where near as long as you do. I pop up, go a few feet and back down. Of course I am on asphalt......and I am a lot older than you are.
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