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Thread: Introduction - new TW family

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    Talking Introduction - new TW family

    Hi all,

    Just an introduction post. Just bought a new-to-us 2013 TW from a nice retired fellow in Hood River, Oregon. Has 800 miles on it, never been down, unmodified, unmolested. Not the cheapest TW on the market, but cheaper than new, and this one is already broke in. ;-)

    We live just north of the Columbia River in Washington on about 600 acres. Beautiful place to hike, shoot, and ride.

    Picked up the bike for my wife to learn on... and of course I'll have fun poking around our property on it!

    I have a Cagiva Gran Canyon and an unused CBR600RR trackbike project (was a salvage recovery... I was familiar with how it was "totaled" and it was too good a deal to pass up). Used to have a 2001 Ducati 900SS. Beautiful red and white, with carbon fender/hugger... it looked like one of Ducati's "R" bikes, but much less expensive. Anyway, learned to ride on a 73 Honda CL175 as a teen.

    Wifey has always enjoyed riding pillion with me, but wasn't into the idea of riding herself until recently. She expressed interest in learning to ride so we talked about some options. Did a little shopping around, tried on a few bikes for size. She really liked this little TW. I think it'll be perfect. She can flat foot it, it's got a super easy clutch, not too much power. Fun and friendly. With acres to play on and no traffic to deal with, we have a great place to learn, too!

    Funny enough, first used one we found the seller backed out and decided to keep it! Too much fun. Found this one shortly after; same year, same price, but even lower mileage and a little cleaner. Also closer to us! That's something of a miracle when you live in the middle of nowhere. Everything else for sale was at least 2 hours drive each way.

    Anyway, the seller that decided to keep his directed me to this forum. Already spent some hours reading technical info. The oil change thread was very helpful! Not looking for much in the way of mods at the moment, but when the time comes, there seems to be lots of good info. All I will do for now is take off the turn signals and rear license plate mount to protect them while the learning happens, and get some decent handguards to protect things in the event of a tipover. "Oops" happens. Doesn't have to hurt anything. ;-)

    Looking forward to learning and sharing as we get some time and experience with this neat little moto!

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    Welcome to the forum!!
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    Always liked those Cagiva's. Post a picture of it as a lot of folks may not have ever heard of it or seen one.
    Ducati powerplant I assume?
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    congrats on your new bike

    i had a friend that lived in stevenson, beautiful area.
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    Welcome to it. Guess I dont have to tell you what a great place we have in our back yard for the TW. Have fun
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    Great intro. Welcome to the nuthouse.

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    Welcome from Groton, NY!
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    Welcome nice intro. You'll end up with two as your wife will have so much fun you'll need one to ride too.
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    These are very tough and relatively inexpensive handguards:
    WPS OFF ROAD AND MOTARD HANDGUARDS from Western Power Sports Offroad

    If you like your wife ditch the OEM front tire ASAP and get a Shinko 241! It will reduce the chances of a front end washout by several hundred percent.

    I wonder who that nice retired fellow was.....I lived in Hood River until 2006.
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    Thanks all!

    Let's try this picture thing again... didn't want to cooperate last time and it was getting late. Limitations of iOS and the attachment interface. Anyway...

    Two before I unloaded it. Nice to have a convenient hillside so I don't have to guide the bike all the way down from up in the bed. The previous owner had a similar step up on the side of his driveway we used to ease loading. I need to get an official folding ramp so I can take the bike to trailheads and unload. Someday I will also do a little more earthwork and graveling of the embankment specifically for loading and unloading the truck onto a nice flat pad with a shallow ramp off to the side down to the driveway level.

    Then the obligatory pic of Dear Wife and kiddo.

    I'll see if I can find a pic of the Cag on the iPad... might have to wait til I can crack open the laptop again and go burrowing through image directories.
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