Safe to remove sticker on tank?
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    I just bought my yamaha TW second hand from a friend.

    It features a quite thick (rubbery) sticker on the tank, exactly like the one that can be seen here:

    Now I was wondering if I could remove it safely without damaging the paint?

    I thought of maybe removing all fuel out of the tank and heating the sticker, but I don't know if the paint could tolerate that.

    Thanks in advance,


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    use a hair dryer and some goof off to clean up after removal.

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    Don't know how thick or stiff the sticker is but a friend of mine likes to use dental floss to cut underneath and lift emblems. Warms it up with a hair dryer first and then keeps it warm as he slowly works.
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    Thanks for the reactions. Never thought of the dental floss, seams like a good idea!

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    Use a magnifying glass to determine if the clearcoat is over the label. If so, not gonna work.

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