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    Well, after riding my new-to-me Virago 1100 for the past week or so and neglecting the poor little TW, I decided to let her stretch her legs this morning. I was beginning to think that I would hardly ride the TW now that I can keep up with the big boys and am open more road options with my Virago. Well, after my 12-mile ride to get to the train to go to work this morning, I was reminded of how fun the little TW is. Compared to the Virago, the TW is almost thinkless as far as riding her. I mean, the only thing I've personally ridden that's any easier than the TW is a scooter, but on a scooter, what do you do with your legs?

    At first, because of the seating position, and because my Virago has forward controls, getting the feel for the TW, even though I logged about 2,000 miles last riding season on her, was weird. I like the seat height on the TW better than the Virago as I sit low on the Virago. Standing at a stoplight is great. Because of the forward controls on the Virago, I have to lift the weight of my legs on the pegs when starting after the light changes green, where on the TW, no problem. Just prop them up a tad, and I'm on the pegs. Yeah, but butt gets a little sore or tired even with the seat pad, but for a short 12-mile ride, it's no big deal. The TW is not so loud, and don't have that rumble pulsating through the helmet. When I start the cruiser in the morning to warm it up (I end up pushing it out in the street out of consideration of others at 6:00 am), even with stock exhaust, I'm waiting for the neighbors to come out and chase me down with frying pans, but I can let the TW warm up in the driveway near my neighbors bedroom window without even giving it a second thought.

    Setting up the TW with all those little extras is just the fun part of the bike. It seems the extras are much cheaper and easier to install/mount. And, it just seems more fun to farkle out the TW, especially with homemade concoctions of my own or from others on this site.

    All in all, the TW is definitely a keeper, and after this morning's ride, she will see plenty more, though local, miles this season.

    2009 Yamaha TW200

    1996 Yamaha Virago 1100

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    Just running my old trails today doing recon to take my 11 year old

    on his 110 into the woods.

    I am happy to tool around and when gets slippery just put your feet down.

    When she gets very hot doesn't seem to want to shift like 1st to neutral , maybe clutch

    Anyway I am a happy camper

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    Yeah for me the TW200 is the answer to commute or make some store runs compared to my FZ-1. When doing the same on the faster bike I feel frustrated by my over potential and more likely to get a speeding ticket. So far on the TW I feel satisfied and much less likely to get a speeding ticket.

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    I hear on that one. Ive been neglecting the ol SV so today i took her out to for a spin. Man i forgot how hard it is to stay out of the gas. Three times i caught myself in the triple digit range for a short time. Its not comfortable to ride at 60. About 85-100 feels perfect for cruising. Thats one reason i like the tub, 55-60 is about all she wants and me to. I would have to say ive had more fun on these little machines than anything else and the bikes/farkles are so cheap compared to others. Heck my friend spent more money on farkles on his klr than i did on my bike and farkles.

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    i too have thought of bigger bike but speed limet on the mt. is only 45-50 mph. so i belive the tw is a keeper for around hear.

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    I did 218 miles Monday on gravel roads with my '97, I never felt the need for more speed or power than the little bike can deliver.
    Only a fool would attempt it, and God help me, I am that fool!

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