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Thread: Tw most wanted

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    Tw most wanted

    What model year is the most wanted and why ??
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    2005, the best color scheme and fastest year !

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    Quote Originally Posted by TW-Brian View Post
    2005, the best color scheme and fastest year !
    look out! dem's fight'en wurds to tommie!
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    Still being the 200, is it much faster?
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    I have a 2013. When I Armor-All the seat, the take offs really accentuate the raw performance of the bike. The paint scheme on the Clarke opaque tank is the best.
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    The Fast and the Furious. 87 all the way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TerribleT View Post
    Still being the 200, is it much faster?
    haha...its a forum joke

    but 87 is the fastest
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    Ha Ha, Good thread here but certainly nothing more than personal preferences. I am partial to the Blues found on the 2006 and 2014 models. The Rainbow Warrior models of 1994 & 1995 are pretty sweet looking as well. I think the very first of the sharp colors came in 1988 with the Black Widow. There are also a couple years that had some rather weird colors such as Tan and Turquoise but I shy away from these because the plastics are very hard to replace unless you find those exact year bikes being parted out. I am pretty sure we could have some rather nice looking Chameleons out here with a mix and match of parts from various years that could be quite nice looking since most of the outer dresses are interchangeable. I did like the few years in the early days when they gave 2 choices of colors such as the 1991 in Black Onyx or in Purple.

    Just going to the tread TWs by the years is a nice ride through the 30 years of nostalgia. I get the feeling member Placerload is on a mission to find one of each year and each color scheme and all in near perfect condition so he may one day open a TW museum. Just like a true coin collector when he finds a super nice, low mile bike of any given year he grabs it as a replacement for one he already has that might not be as nice. He and a few others here could benefit from a 12 step program for their addiction but I must admit it sure would be nice to sit in his stable with a few beers among some really nice and super well preserved TWs. I have always maintained there is absolutely no monetary difference between say a perfect 1994 and a perfect 2006 TW. With the slight changes made at the factory the additions are completely off set by the deletions. Would anyone here actually trade their kick start for a disc brake up front? Is a new style carb really all that much better in performance from the old? It really is pretty cool that an engine from a 1988 can be retrofitted to go in a frame from 2016 without too much of a problem and I highly doubt there is another bike on this planet that can say that.

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    GaryL touched on this in his post. The only significant differences in the TW's over the years are:

    The '87's may be fastest , as some here think. Since this was the first year, they are kind of the odd year since the electrical systems and turn signals are different.

    Everything up to through 2000 are the same and have a kick start.

    2001 and newer lose the kick start but have the addition of the front disc brake.

    Can anyone provide the year the carb changed, that one I don't know the exact year.

    There are some other really minor changes here and there. Personally, I would take the kick start over the disc brake. Other than that, pick a color, any color and find one at the right price.
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    The new CV carb came in with the disc brake .....
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