TW the rare bike?
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    Well I ride around town with my TW. I get alot of looks. They don't know what the bike is. Of course I am going all "hollow" mod like with a under sweeping supertrapp. I have a fiberglass tracker tail as well so it looks even more stranger and exotic. Its normal to me cause I am from Japan. Its just not a preferred bike for many. I remember first seeing TW's in japan getting the "hollow" look and was like I want it!! does anyone else get the eye ball too?

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    I was pretty astounded the first time anyone actually knew what it was, and that fella was a pretty hardcore dual sport rider. I don't know where you live now, but knowledge of bikes is pretty low in America, even among many riders. There are 3 settings for motorcycles here:

    1. Chopper (covers cruisers, bobbers, etc.)
    2. Crotch Rocket (Standards, naked, streetfighters, cafes, actual sport bikes)
    3. Dirtbike (DS, trail, motocross, maybe trials before you notice the seat)

    And that's asking anyone that rides here. Non-riders may not recall these complex 3. If you threw a tracker or a hollow at any of these folks, they'd get confused in a hurry.

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    Assquatch is dead on. I was riding down the street on my completley stock (for now) TW. Some woman crossing the street started screaming at me because I was riding a "Dirt Bike".

    2001 TW

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    I told my wife (I am a new rider), "I think everyone is looking at me when I ride". She said it was just me projecting that, but one day she followed me and said indeed Everyone was looking at me. And that is with a semi stock 2007. I'm sure with a hollow mod that would draw even more eyes ( I LOVE hollow mods), they look so simple and sexy!

    Speaking of dirt bikes, I was clipping on my tags (because I live in ghetto-baltimore) and there has been half a dozen times where I went riding threw the city with no tags on!!

    In baltimore there police don't chase bikes in the city, there are "gangs" of kids riding scooters like maniacs.

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    Almost each time I'm out riding people will come up to me and say, "Wow! That rear tire is huge! Is that custom?" Lots of fun for sure. Everyone is usually quite impressed with the bike, even though mine is pretty stock.
    '05 TW200--15/50 gearing, Cyclerack, XT350 tank

    '81 KZ750--project bike

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    Whenever a group of Harley guys see me, they all gravitate towards my bike and ask me what it is. They are then shocked that it came that way from the factory (with the exception of all the farkles). I enjoy telling them about it and why I enjoy the bike so much. They don't talk to me when I'm on a non-Harley cruiser though.

    2009 Yamaha TW200

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