I just bought a TW200 in Singapore
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    Hi Guys,

    You've got a good forum going.

    I bought a TW the other day here. 19,000 miles (which is odd - most speedos are in KM here!) 2008 MY model. I had the dealer agree to do a lot of maintenance (chains, sprocket, grips, tires, leaks) on it before I agreed on the final price but I still missed out having a new battery and brake pads installed. Saying that though I'm very happy with it and have just spent two hours doing a whole bunch of trivial maintenance. My last bike 10 years ago was a GN250 and the one prior to that was an XT600. The TW is far better than both for the riding I do around town. I have found the bars a bit wide when splitting lanes (maybe do an after market change? - I'll cut an inch off the ends) but apart from that it just goes through traffic like butter. I'll do the 47T rear sprocket change as we don't really do a lot of off roading here and I don't like swapping up from 1st so quickly when taking off from the lights.

    I'm a short arse and I have found the seat to be the perfect height for me. It's not the best seat but it's not the worse I've been on.

    Current Mods - I don't buy bikes that have been modded here - the workmanship is variable and the local traffic authority are b...ches on mods. Having said that I've discovered the previous owner has put a discreet light switch on behind the front guard (good idea). This model appears to be a USDM model to me - MPH speedo for example- not a CA model though (no vapor canister) and as such it has the running light option on the front blinkers which is just weird to me (an Aussie) so I don't mind being able to turn the main light off. The bike shop also fitted a 26L luggage box FOC on the back - in Sgp helmets cannot be kept on a helmet lock - the local will cut them off with a box cutter - so most people keep them in a locking box (along with a rain coat).

    The types are some sort of super moto tread - sorry I should have noted them down.

    Planned mods.

    I've ordered Jimbo's screen already. I like the look of it. Sprocket change for sure. I'm seriously thinking of ordering the webcam 40A - and then changing the main jet 130#. I took out the spark arrestor (not a lot of forests to set fire to here) but I'm not sure I like the louder sound. Unfortunately the only legal after market pipe here is the GPR which is probably not that much bang for the buck. I don't think I'll be boring it out or doing crazy stuff. I like reliable gear - not bleeding edge gear and I bought this bike as back up transport - cars here are extremely expensive and my wife has been using ours a lot leaving me with having to catch taxis. One other thing I'm definitely doing is putting on a 12V lighter adaptor and maybe a USB port (5 V charger).

    Anyways - here's a pic.

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    Welcome to the Loony Bin!!

    Ya might want to add a kick-start to the "mod wish list". If y'er comfortable doing a cam, then the kick-start will be easy.

    Watch out with the USB charger... some electronics can draw power even when not in use. Dead batteries suck!

    Best bet (and easiest to buy & install) would be a second 12V outlet inside the tail box and a car-cord for the phone.

    Stephen S.

    '07 TW200:

    15/50 sprockets, O-ring chain, D2Moto foot pegs

    tweaked carb (127.5 jet, 0.019 needle shim, idle screw @2.25),

    Rubbermaid "Action Packer" on homemade brackets

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    Hi - I've thought about a kickstarter but last time I had a bike in Singapore (GN250) I never used the kick starter fitted on it. It just isn't something I think I'd need. Seriously the bike shop nearest to me is 500m away.

    I realized today that the forks probably need work - maybe an oil change. The suspension in no way is as good as my old TT600 .

    Thanks for the heads up on USB charging - I'd have missed that possibly.

    The tyres are "Shenko". 180/80 - 14 and 130/60-18 on the front. Rear is pictured below.

    I put the spark arrestor back in today after cleaning it. I prefer the quieter sound. I've also determined that I MUST buy a 15T front sprocket tomorrow!

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