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Thread: TOP SPEED 1987

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    I got my new CDI in a few weeks ago and finally got that fixed... Its amazing how that CDI can run one day and not the next and trick you into thinking its the carb. Anyway, my carb has stock jetting, 40 and 114 and no shim in the needle. I got it out today, put 28 psi in front and back tires, 75 degrees, under 5 mph wind. Got it up to 65 on GPS, the speedo said 68 or 69. I have a new yamaha 118 jet for it but havent put it in. I dont think it will gain anything on top end with it. It has apparently stock 14/50 sprockets. Anyone think 118 will do anything except use more gas?
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    If top speed is important, trade up.

    Try the 118 and see what happens.

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