New TW owner thinking about switching to synthetic oil
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Thread: New TW owner thinking about switching to synthetic oil

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    New TW owner thinking about switching to synthetic oil

    Howdy! My names Craig. I've been a member for a bit but just purchased my first TW. It's a 2003 with 725 miles. It's stock right now but I'm going to add hand guards, and a rear rack asap. I've also been thinking about going to a synthetic oil (I've read several threads here on the subject). My question is, do I have to do anything to transition to the synthetic oil or can I just do a normal oil change? Love the forum!!!
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    Welcome and congratulations on the new ride. I'm no expert on synthetic oil but from what I have heard they are compatible not requiring anything more than changing it out. I put synthetic oil in my air compressor and it never tripped the breaker again. From that aspect it did seem more slippery. I only drained and changed.
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    Hi Craig congrats on your first TW-200 you will not be disappointed. I have a 2014 with 11,000 miles on it and I have be running Mobil 1 motorcycle (synthetic) since about 3000 miles. Nothing special to do just normal oil change and clean the oil strainer and oil filter. If this is the first oil change you will find a good amount of medal shavings in the oil filter don't panic its normal.

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    Just drain and refill with synthetic motorcycle oil. I did at 100 miles during my first oil change. My ktm 500 exc came filled with synthetic from the factory.

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    Welcome to the forum. I also read a lot of post and done some research before changing to Mobil1 4tr and cleaning the screens. I have not ridden it yet as I just done the first oil change last night. I did read a lot of guys were much happier with the clutch and the shifting smoothness with the Mobil1 oil change.
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    Lots of threads here on oil, types, change intervals and lots of opinions. Some claim the bike needs to be broke in on Dino before you switch to Synthetic. I say Hog Wash and go directly to full synthetic on the very first change and never look back. Just clean and re use the original filter and take very close note that it has 4 tiny holes on the engine side and every filter you ever use should absolutely have all 4 of those tiny holes.

    I look for these words on the oil jug, "Recommended for use in Motorcycles with a wet clutch" which is exactly what the TW is. Some additives they put in oils are not good for wet clutches and can glaze the discs.

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    Thanks for the kind welcomes, and for sharing your knowledge! Good info!

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    Hey Craig, congrats on picking up your first TW, you will surely enjoy it! My wife & I have been running 20-50w Royal Purple full synthetic in our TW's, at least for a good 3500-4000 miles now and are totally satisfied and confident in it's protective properties. I did exactly like mentioned by other members and just drained the dino-oil drip dry and replaced with the synthetic- good to go! Anyways, congrats once again & best of luck!
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    When I switched to synthetic on two '87 TW's the base gaskets started leaking.

    I use either Mobil 1 Racing 4t oil or Castrol Power1 4t oil depending which is on sale a O'Reilly's, usually for about $7.50 / qt. Both fully synthetic motorcycle oil.

    I tried some Shell Rotella oil, supposedly OK for motorcycles with wet clutches and in both TW's the clutches started to slip.
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