keeping the TW but thinking of another bike,,,but which one?
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Thread: keeping the TW but thinking of another bike,,,but which one?

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    keeping the TW but thinking of another bike,,,but which one?

    So my wife and I ride Tw's..hers is lowered. ...However when travelling with the RV and trailing the bikes, there are times when we are in an area that we would like to go sightseeing that may involve highway speeds and some traffic conditions. My wife is not comfortable on the hwy or congested areas. 2up on the TW is not an option obviously.
    I also have a Vstrom...I have taken it with us before, but that entails taking 3 bikes crammed in the trailer like sardines, which create a weight issue also. I dont feel comfortable taking the Vstrom off road and onto some of the trails that we go on with the TW.

    What I am thinking is...If I could get another bike slightly bigger than the TW which can go where the TW goes and that could be fairly comfortable on longer hwy rides with 2up. Then I would only have to carry 2 bikes.
    I would like some suggestions on what bike might suit my needs....I will be buying used, and reliability is essential with ease of the TW

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    that looks like it could looks uncomfortable for passenger....and a quick look on craigslist.....they want big bucks for even 10 year old cycles
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    Suzuki DR 650. Very capable off road. Not too much heavier than the TW. Much more capable on the highway so long as you are not doing multi hour trips. A dime a dozen on Craigslist for very reasonable money. Dead simple to work on. Problem solved

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    How about a KLR?
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    I had a drz400 a while back. I liked it in the dirt and 2up with the little woman on the weekends. We would ride county roads 50-55 comfortably. Easy to work on. Corbin makes a great seat for it.
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    If money was no object i would suggest the new Versys300 2017 Kawasaki Versys-X 300, Best Entry-Level Adventure Bike | Cycle World I sat on one a week ago. What a nice little bike.

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    That's a tall order...if it were me I would buy the Triumph Tiger 800 Low with a 30" seat height. Not sure how tall you are but for me being 5'7" it's everything. Put a 14/45 sprocket on your bikes, it's an amazing gear setup which allows me the best of both worlds. I can Cruze the interstate 65/70 with no problems and the still low 1st and 2nd gears give me plenty of power off road.
    Of course the Triumph Tiger is expensive and I don't think there are any bikes out there in this category that are inexpensive to maintain.
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    I had the WR with a Corbin Seat, but Linda (5'10") was cramped up on the back and that is why I went with the VStrom. WR has no issues 2 up on the highway, but you are still crawling when going on rough back roads.
    What about a BMW 650?
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