Overland Expo
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Thread: Overland Expo

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    Overland Expo

    I know of at least one forum member who went.

    Stole this picture from another sit. Look closely!

    (photo credit: Questor from Advrider - Questor goes to Overland Expo - May 2017 - Day 1 | Adventure Rider)
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    The overland vehicle is in the back. The rest is probably a mobile fuel tank or something because you can't actually go very far over the land on it.


    On a semi related note, this is a food truck I saw at the MotoGP race in Austin.
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    I’ve seen some pretty impressive overland style vehicles on the road and in parking lots but have yet to see one driven anywhere near their potential. In my limited experience they usually can be found camping in places a conventional RV can get to. They seem fairly wide, heavy and tall for many back country destinations in the inter-mountain west, not to mention representing a significant investment one doesn’t want to scrape up against a tree.

    I think these things thrive on more open country. Even a mini-van like mine can have trouble on formerly wide roads that have been eroded over time.IMG_0123.JPG

    I would hate to back up one of those rigs a mile or so when a seemingly inviting road like the Lippencutt descending from Death Valley’s Racetrack necks down to 6 ft wide in off-camber wash-outs. IMG_0111.JPG
    The rigs in the Advrider are too big to even fit into the backcountry campground at Racetrack. Which is too bad as the Racetrack’s wandering rocks are fun to visit even if you don’t have a cat.IMG_0096.JPG
    I do like my TW trips but adventures sure can be better with cute travel companies, besides they help keep the little van warm at night.
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    Been back burnering the idea of tricking out an F350 van for such purpose for a while now (not a new idea), but ironically i just saw a guy on the street i just moved to has one all done up. Gonna be my ultra mobile elk hunting HQ one of these days.

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    ​Ultimate adventure vehicles. Had a chance to read the forum thread on the Rokon. Oddly I had watched a You Tube video earlier today touting its merits as the perfect rig for survivalists. Might be great for a hunter, but when it comes hanging in there when things get grim, suspect you would be much better off with a good pair of boots and a backpack. In rough terrain, likely you would average the same speed. Had an uncle that bought a surplus WW II jeep in the early 50's. Spent years roaming the backcountry of Arizona in search of the Lost Dutchman mine. Told me he used the jeep for a couple of years but found a VW beetle more capable. Nice to see that van of yours out in the middle of nowhere Fred. Backing any rig up a stretch of mountain dirt can certainly raise the butt pucker factor.
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    I have a 2007 Suburban 4x4, does that count?
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    I know Ronnydog and Jimbo were there at the Expo. Anybody see or talk to them? They had their TW trailers with them. After the Expo they were starting the Arizona ABRDR at the Utah border going south.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911garand View Post
    I have a 2007 Suburban 4x4, does that count?
    No. I wouldn't think of taking my stock Tundra down Lippincott! TW, yes, certainly. But I'm an old chicken....
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    I had a high school teacher who took a VW up the Alcan hiwyay before it was an Alcan hiway. funny, he pronounced them 'Volcshwagan', I think trying to put the German in there.
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