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Thread: Helmets

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    Mar 2012
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    I'd like to see pics of the type helmets you all wear.

    Brand, style, likes/dislikes, weight is a question. Is it a street helmet or motocross type?

    I'm looking at getting a nice one and wanted to get a little feedback on what others are wearing and their comments.



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    I wear a modular. Gmax 44s.

    I am claustrophobic and used to wear a 3/4 since I would panic in a full-face before getting it all the way on. Someone turned me onto a modular and I think mentally knowing that I can flip the entire front part of the helmet up, it doesn't bother me.

    The helmet is comfortable and blocks out quite a bit of noise. Not the lightest helmet in the world, but not heavy either. It came with both a clear and tinted shield. I think I paid something like $120 for it.

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    GMAX 48s for me.

    It was the only helmet in which I felt comfortable, beside the HJC RPS-10.

    I was looking for a white one, but it was not available in that color up here in Canada.

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    This is the one I mostly use. I like the dual sport helmet style. To me it's the best of both worlds. This is a pretty cheap version, the AFX FX37, but it works.

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    I wear a white full face HJC that is both DOT and Snell approved. I think fullface is crucial no matter if it's a street or dirt helmet. When I buy the next one it will be in ugly flourescent green.


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    I started with a cheap modular helmet from the internet for $75. Turned out it was chinese crap(should've known...). I now have two helmets that I use an all red HJC with a clear shield and my primary helmet, a KBC devil.

    It's kinda cheasy but I like it. I plan on buying a newer version of the AFX dual sport helmet, AFX FX-39, similar to chip's.
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    I bought this when I realized that my first helmet was too large, I tried the AFX and unfortunately it did not fit my head. I went with this helmet because it can do everything and I will have it a good long time, really light and comfortable, a bit noisy though.

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    Fox V2 the only moto cross that would fit my head. Using goggles you get plenty of fresh air with good protection. For designated street riding I would go with a dual sport above 55 the wind noise gets pretty loud from having the open face. The dual sport fly helmet seems popular. They don't fit my head very well. The most important thing about a helmet is get one that fits your head well. Should be snug, not able to fit a finger under the front of the helmet by the forehead good contact with the top of the helmet meaning your head making a lot of surface contact with the top of the helmet. The sides should compress your cheeks so they feel like you could chew them don't get crazy here just enough to make some pressure with your teeth no more. There might be other fitting tips I used these tips to fit my helmet and have been very happy. Good luck

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    I went with about the dirt cheapest helmet there was... A Hawk $40. I love modular. Weight is ok, cold in the winter!

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    Grapevine, TX

    I bought when I got my street bike and went for the most airflow for the hot Texas summers. Does a pretty good job and still wear it on the T dub.

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