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    I just checked the Yamaha web site and found out that the 2011 models will be available February 2011 for an MSRP price of $4,350. Yes, it has gone up in price but it looks exactly like the 2010 models, paint wise. I remember I purchased my 2008 model brand new back in July of 2008 for $4,600 OTD. So the TW will continue to be manufactured but at a higher price. I tried to post a pic with this statement with no luck. You can go to the Yamaha web site to view it.
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    Yeah, inflation sucks. Dropping dollar, higher cost for imports - many issues racing against us these days. My 2006 was 3,500 - 3,900 OTD (brand new in 2008) when I purchased it left over.

    The sport bike are the same, with regard to price increases (although they have massive changes). I purchased my 2005 yami R6 for 8,399 msrp they now are something like 10,499 msrp.

    I'm happy with my (paid for) bike for now, until I get that urge to increase my temporary debt load again...

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    Like most vehicles, when the new models come out, the price of "last year's" models go down. So... I'm betting you can likely find some 2010 TW200's on the showroom floor which will drop a bit when the 2011's need to be rolled in.

    Of course here I am, riding a '93 with 11K on the clock. She's not nearly as pretty, but getting the job done.

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