Mod'd T'Dub Spotted - America's Cup Espionage
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Thread: Mod'd T'Dub Spotted - America's Cup Espionage

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    Mod'd T'Dub Spotted - America's Cup Espionage

    With the America's Cup starting tomorrow, there are some great video's of these foiling AC35 catamarans on youtube. Was watching this one:

    And spotted this:

    TW Espionage.png

    The cool thing about these foiling catamarans is that with very little wind they can break the drag issue and raise up on their foils. With speeds of 40 to 50 knots (roughly 45 to 60 MPH) these guys are really moving. Tweaker - you can appreciate how fast this is since you love to sail as well.

    One other factoid is that the guys grinding the handles on these AC35's are not grinding winches and tightening lines any more to change sail shapes. They are human pumps, grinding to charge hydraulic accumulators (storing energy) to use to operate all the sails, foils that raise up and down as well as the rudder for steering. Not your fathers Sunfish any more!
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    Very cool video. I liked the comment about taking one up the amazon in very little wind, etc. Amazing tech it's just to bad it's being held in an elitist location where only the priveledged can go. The rest of us can watch on tv.
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