Anybody ever get a speeding ticket on a TW?
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Thread: Anybody ever get a speeding ticket on a TW?

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    Anybody ever get a speeding ticket on a TW?

    I guess maybe it could happen in a school zone or a 35mph zone. I just never seem to do much speeding on mine.
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    No ticket yet, not for lack of trying however! There maybe only two places that we could speed and that would be school zones and construction zones. Each zone carries a double or triple fine for speeding. We think maybenot it would be cool to have a little speeding ticket not a big one. We try to be a bad ass two person biker gang, but it's tough when you can only muster rudeness. We've given up on receiving a speeding ticket on the TW's, instead we are contemplating parking tickets. Uh huh, were bad, uh huh! Dirts a Flyen. SanDue

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    No, but I want one but it's gotta be in a 50 mph zone or higher. I don't want no panzie in town speed zone ticket.
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    I got pulled over by a cop on my TW200, as I was hot dogging it through country backroads. I didn't notice him, because the TW was loud and my mirrors vibrated to the point of uselessness, and so he apparently was chasing me for some time.

    As soon as I saw him I pulled over immediately, put the side stand down, took the keys out of the ignition, and took my helmet off.

    He came up to my bike madder'n piss, started chewing me up one side and down the other. He asked if I knew he was chasing me for almost two miles! I said "No sir! I've seen C.O.P.S. on TV, I've seen what happens to people who run from the police! I know better sir! If I had seen you behind me I would have pulled over immediately!" I said this with a mix of abject terror and amused enthusiasm, as I was having a pretty good day before this. That somewhat derailed him, and I think he stifled a laugh. But he came right back into it, with DID YOU KNOW YOU WERE DOING SEVENTY TWO IN A FORTY FIVE?! My response was "Really officer? I thought this thing topped out at 65, I didn't know it'd go that fast!" I was almost *sure* he was trying to hold it together this time. Son, you were going so fast your saddlebags (big metal ammo cans) were scraping the ground in the turns. I said "Oh man, really?" with great enthusiasm, and turned to look if I could see any rash. (I knew they never touched down, I would have felt that, they were VERY solidly bolted to the frame), and commented that it must have looked really cool. Then I said something along the lines of "man, I didn't even see you, you must have had a great hiding spot!" also with great enthusiasm. At this point he turned on a dime and marched back to his car. I'm pretty sure he cracked a smile as he turned.

    He came back in a few minutes and said "son, I'm going to give you a written warning. Slow down and drive that thing like a sane responsible adult. I replied with "I'll do my best sir, thank you sir." I wanted to comment about that not being in my nature, but I figured that might be pushing it a bit too far.

    I'm pretty sure I made his day with that first COPS comment. I was extremely polite, but I was having fun with him a little too. I figured he got me, might as well have a good attitude, and boy did it pay off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral View Post
    No, but I want one but it's gotta be in a 50 mph zone or higher. I don't want no panzie in town speed zone ticket.
    I got stopped in panzie speed zone going down hill into a state park. The sign was behind some bushes. No ticket just a lecture
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    Watch out you guys. I have a 1952 Chevy pickup that's nearly identical in speed to a TW and once got a ticket for doing 43 in a 30. It was one of those in-town areas posted at 40, but was to undergo "improvements" and now posted at 30. Took off from a stoplight on a Sunday evening at dusk, and within a half mile, he got me doing 43. You ignore the new speed limit because the road was never torn up nor were any workers ever present...the only diff was the sign. Sneaky and unjustified YES, but it can sure happen.

    FWIW, I bought a new Corvette in 1994, owned it for 20 years and NEVER got a speeding ticket, despite numerous jaunts over 120. That old Chevy is the slowest thing I've ever owned.
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    I never got a ticket on mine but I took off fast from a light as I approached the next light it turned yellow so I blipped the throttle on through it. There was a patrol car at the side of that light. The cars from the first light were still sitting at the first light. The speed limit was about 40 and I had only got to about 45 but it more appeared that I was really speeding. The officer pulled up beside me in the left turn lane, I was sweating. He then got on the Mic and said "speeding and running red lights is not good for your health". You can't really argue that but I was only doing around 5mph over and the light was yellow when I entered through the light. TW keeps making me look like I'm speeding.
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    You might get a ticket in CA now for going too slow on the freeway. Umm that would be 55 or less.
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    There are these radar things set up attached to a speed limit sign that tells you how fast you are going. When I go through on a TW it doesn't register until I am right on top of it.

    I wonder if the hand held radar guns are more sensitive. I know I have had radar guns pointed at me but I haven't been stopped yet. Was it because I wasn't going as fast as the speedometer said I was going or is the radar signature of the TW so small I could slow down before the radar gun could pick me up?
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