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    Still a noob here, and noticed a few things at the pump.

    The pump has to be compressed to pump, unlike a car where it locks in.

    What is the best way to continuously pump without using two hands and alot of strength to ensure it fills.

    Also, what is the best way to gauge the tank as full? Hard to do on the stand.


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    The short answer is that you can't. You gotta hold it back to get proper fill on a motorcycle.

    Not a problem with cars.

    With the outter hose held back just view the filler neck area. When you reach the cone shaped area the tank is full.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    I sit on the bike while filling the tank to keep the bike upright. I'm guessing in CA (maybe some other states too) where you have all that vapor recovery stuff on the gas nozzle, filling a cycle tank is harder. Here in Idaho, we just have simple nozzles, so it's easy to see what's going on.

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    I just pull up close and sit on the bike through the whole process(Paying with card) and none of that is an issue.
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    yep, here in cali I just sit on bike and keep it level. pull back vapor recovery thing and fill it as full as I can with still getting cap back on and not spilling a drop. With credit card don't even have to get off bike and fun to see big vehicles putting in $100+ while you ring up a $6 bill.....he he he
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    There is a tool that some buy and some make called an evap recovery nozzle tool. Here is a thread from ADV from someone making and selling the "fork". I think that is what you were asking. OM
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    I've run into such nozzles while traveling. My solution was to cut a piece of 2-inch aluminum pipe about 4 inches long and split a piece of fuel line to slip on each end to prevent scratches. I can tell where the top of the tank is by feel, insert the nozzle about an inch further, and darn near top up. Remove the pipe and pull the recovery system up to top off.

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