Competition for the TW??
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Thread: Competition for the TW??

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    Competition for the TW??

    saw it in motorcycles news...Suzuki is bringing out a 200cc Vanvan, big back tire, 282 pounds, but with a much nicer looking seat
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    From what I've read it's a good bike with slightly more street bias th n the dub. I'd take one over a grom any day. Would have loved to see a 300 variant.
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    The bike is old news. The name of the bike sounds like a 2 year old's first words. When you put them side by side, the only reason you would call it "competition" is the fat tire. It is a scooter with mild off road capability. Not a bike I would take off road. They take every trait that makes the TW desirable (simplicity-durability-long standing platform), change it, and call it an improvement. The Van Van has been alive and well overseas for a while. I like my carb. I like my exhaust. I especially like my gearbox. I find 6th gear every time. My highly mechanized gear box gives me a clutchless shift into sixth gear with no damage to the machine. This overdrive allows the bike to fly down the road at 65 mph. with no change in rpm from 5th gear. The highly mechanized gearbox can sense my deceleration and lets me down shift from 6th to 4th in one motion. The TW is the best fat tire dual purpose enduro single cylinder bike in the world. Nobody should get any other fat tire dual purpose enduro single cylinder bike.

    As a matter of hypothetical conjecture, that bike may trigger the formation of gangs (TW v Van Van). I would hate to see all the guys on this site with 1% patches on their vests heading to the rumble (which hopefully would be centrally located).
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    Dang! Did I ever misinterpret the title. I thought it was going to be something like Hare Scrambles only TW's could enter.

    BTW, a while back I saw a VanVan at the local dealer and I really like the tires they put on them -- I do 98.95% of my riding on asphalt.
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    They have been advertising and selling these on up in British Columbia for awhile now:
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    I was in Holeshot yesterday and I will say the seat looks comfy, but the tires were too street orientated for my liking.

    They also had a KTM 250 exc dual sport. Not sure why KTM brought it out? Their 350 is the one I would buy.
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    The only other mc that could be considered competition for what the TW is or does, is the Kawasaki Super Sherpa.

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    "The only other mc that could be considered competition for what the TW is or does, is the Kawasaki Super Sherpa"

    My buddy rides a Super Sherpa and I hate to admit it but I think it is superior to my TWs in just about every way.
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    The Sherpa is cool. Need more rear tire though.
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    If you ride street with mild trails, buy the Van Van. It is superior there. If you ride off road, buy the TW, it is better there. Simple huh?
    Having owned 3 TWs and one Van Van I know. I don't have to theorize or rely on conjecture.
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