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Thread: Hello, New member here

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    Hello, New member here

    Hello all,
    New member and just bought my TW today and pick it up tomorrow night. I'm older then dirt and have been riding, restoring and working on Yamaha enduros since 1972. Bikes I currently own are a 1973 RT3 360, a 1974 DT360A, 1975 DT 125B. I have been riding since I could pull a clutch lever at 10 years old. Started on Rupp mini bikes and worked my way up.
    I bought a 2012 TW today because I just loved the look of them and needed something made in this century to putt around on. I love my vintage stuff, but anyone that has ever tried to kick start a 360 yamaha and survived it knows why at my age I went for the "push the button and go" model.

    Can someone please tell me the reason most say ditch the stock front tire? Whats the bad karma with it?

    Thanks, Jeff

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    Hi Jeff, and welcome to the forum!

    Your 2012 TW may have been built in the current century, but it was definitely designed during the past century and is only about a decade "younger" than your "vintage" bikes .

    The stock front tire, also known as the "Death Wing", has a decided tendency to wash out without warning on gravel, sand and wet grass. The current favorite replacement tire is the Shinko 241 4.0 x 18.


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    Stock front tire is poor on any surface other than pavement. Might be bad on pavement too. I changed out really early
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Yeah, the stock front tire is not so great. It's been nick-named the "Death Wing" and not without cause.

    The TW will serve you much better with the Shinko trials tire many folks are using. Someone will chime in with the model, I can't recall it off hand, but it is far superior to the stock tire & would be a superb first upgrade to your new bike. m.

    Thank you Brian, yep, that's the tire you want. m.
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    Unchanged except disc front brake and minor eletrical since 1987! Death wings has zero feel between OK and crashing. Another member calls it the "crash switch". Enjoy your "modern" ride!
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    Shinko 241 or 244..and I think its the 4.00-18 size...most popular

    you can find info on sticky posts
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    Welcome from Bel Air Maryland. I have two TWs with Shinko 241s. 4.0 x 18.
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    Welcome to the forum from northeast Ohio!
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    Being in my age group and that of many of us here with TW's you will find a welcome mat here. Yup, change the front tire and keep the rear. Being so Old School with your motorcycles I might suggest you purchase and install the kick start kit that Yamaha took away from our TWs when they added the front disc brake. All TWs prior to 2001 had both electric and kick start and your 2012 can easily be upgraded with the kicker. A member here sells the complete kits and I just saw a thread where a Yamaha dealer also sells them on Ebay at a rather reasonable yet unbelievable price. There are simply way too many stories here where the battery decided to take a dump at the most inopportune time.

    You probably already know the major benefits of a good quality O or X ring DID chain so no need to go there with the POS chain that comes stock. Lastly, if you have pure gas available in your area I will highly recommend you keep ethanol out of the TW engine that was designed long before ethanol was ever dreamed up.

    Welcome aboard from the NY Catskill mountains.

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