Lookin for dash cam.
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    Lookin for dash cam.

    Who has does some research recently?
    Whats crap and whats legit?

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    For a car?
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    I've been running one of these in my car for a few years https://www.amazon.com/Garmin-Naviga...r_1_10&sr=8-10

    This looks good for the $$$ https://www.amazon.com/Garmin-DriveA...=sr_1_6&sr=8-6
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    I use one of these in car and on motorcycle

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    I've been running a Dash Cam in my work vehicle for the last two years. Fortunately I've not had any incidents. I did notice BJs had a great deal on a dash cam.
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    I've explored online a few systems targeted as a solution for bikes, as in something permanently installed, rather stealthy, records while the bike is on, and off when the bike is off.. that support continuous recording and you just 'press a button' to save whatever is recent. I've not found any of the offerings enough to instill confidence in dropping 2-300 dollars on quite yet. Nothing has come down as the 'total package yet'.

    My requirements :
    front and rear cameras, wired in, low profile / won't get ripped off the bike
    controller that's weatherproof, small, simple, powered by the bike
    has positive feedback for support from the manufacturer
    affordable (there are some systems that go for 700-800. um, no.)

    Anyways: nothing I've seen fits the bill yet.
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