Fun taking .72 gallons
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    First little 2 lane run with also 10 dirt miles

    70 mpg

    that is all

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    It's good, but disappointing for a 196. I had a rebel 250 (233cc engine) with a slightly smaller than stock rear sprocket and that damn thing got 80 miles a gallon minimum if I wound it out everywhere. 85-95 if I took it a little easier and cruised 60-65. I'd of gotten well over 100 if I cruised at 45, but I found it to be too difficult to go that slow for a whole tank's worth.
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    The worst ive seen out of mine is 65mpg but thats mostly highway speed. A friens and i took a long backroad ride one saturday and we stayed below 50mph most of the time and i got 93mph on that trip and i wasnt riding it super easy either. I think it all depends on what your doing. If you rode it 35-40mph and take it easy i think 95-100mpg would be very possible.

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    Well the 10 dirt miles were woods single track

    The street WFO most of the way

    I am contemplating a ride to a ride in a month which would be

    150 to the campsite then ride and back for 230 the next day

    That would be a test.

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    I had my biggest day so far yesterday. A buddy and I put 200 miles on and I had the tank full when I left the house. At 51.6 miles, it took 1.1 gal. That was mostly wide open. Next 45 miles was a mix of highway and rock crawling. It took .54 gal. About 10 miles before I got home, with another 95 miles on, it took 1 gal. to fill it up. This is the first time I have collected this much info on gas milage. I can see why there is so much talk about larger tanks or aux. fuel cans.(I carry two 1 ltr. bottles) The mileage varies with the way you run the bike. The fuel gauge in the GPS could get you in trouble.
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