Why are people staring at me?
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    1989 TW200 Cincinnati, OH
    I need some expert help with this one.

    On this beautiful Southwest Ohio day after my chores I decided to ride over to my folks for a visit. I took a new route that wound through the golden brown fields of corn and soybeans waiting to be harvested. During my chat with mom and dad I mentioned that I have a few big trees down in my pasture that will need cleaning up. Of course my dad had a helpful solution. The trip over was uneventful but on the same route back something had changed. So as I'm headed home I have to go through a couple of small towns and noticed that I was getting some funny looks as I went past the families out on their porches and in their yards. One kid went so far as to point me out to his dad packing the trunk of the their car. Sitting at the intersections was like being in a fish bowl. Even the usually cool and reserved fellow bikers were in on it. I got a double take from the babe on the back of a Goldwing. It's like they have never seen a TW before. I took a look at my bike when I got home and didn't see anything unusual. Maybe some fellow TW owners can find something amiss.

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    maybe your shirt was on inside out. that happened to me once and everyone stared but nobody told me..
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    They all wanted to know where you got your seat cover. I get stopped and asked all the time.

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    I think they're just used to cargo netting being behind the rider.

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    None of those, it is the unusual red color of your TW

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    Next time put some clothes on before you ride your motorcycle, then they won't stare at you.

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    I like the paint job - it looks good!

    Observation and Question: Hmmm, chainsaw with a long bar on it - have to wonder what kind of helmet you wearing and what you might have resembled !? Halloween is just around the corner you know!

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    Its the chrome mirrors. Chrome on a TW is rare, but very nice looking.
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    "Hey, look at that dude with a chain saw stuck up his a$$ riding that funny looking motorcycle!"
    2007 TW200, Café Shield, Rear Cyclerack, Ricochet Skid Plate.

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    Was the "barn door" closed?
    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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