Procycle ID request ?
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Thread: Procycle ID request ?

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    Procycle ID request ?

    Procycle sounds like a good outfit...but I'm just being cautious as we have been victim to some cc id theft issues in the past (NOT with Procycle).
    Do the board members feel it is ok to send Procycle a copy of drivers license for cc id purposes?
    We are having the order shipped to a 2ndary address where we pickup up our goods (therefore not our billing address) so they need proof of billing address.

    I understand Procycle's reason for doing this, so I have no problem with that, they need to also protect themselves from fraud.
    Just checking if any other board members have done this and I should have no concerns.
    Again, just practicing due diligence, and both vendors and consumers need to be cautious these days.
    Thanks for any replies....and hope this may help others in the future.

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    Is the worry about sending the info online?
    I would trust them completely, as I know the guys there, but maybe do it over the phone, so hackers can't get it.

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    Fax it by old fashioned phone fax

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    Just take a picture of your ID. with a smart phone and send it to one of there smart phones, there is no worries as long as you are not avertizing your SS #.

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    I would call ahead and speak with management explaining what and why you are doing orders this way. I don't do Ebay or Pay Pal because my accounts with them got hacked long ago. I do buy stuff on the auction site through a friends account but he had to add me on his account as an approved shipping address and go through similar procedures to make that happen. I refuse to put any of my financial or personal info on the WWW myself however I am sure a lot of my info is out there because when I visit a doctor or hospital they can pull up all of my most private info in seconds. It pissed me off that I did not remember the date of my last knee surgery at a different hospital but with just a few key strokes the doctors office clerk, a gal I would never trust with this info, had all my records with dates, doctors, insurance and I am sure all my other pertinent info. It is the world we live in today. We can only try to keep our info private but if they can hack Microsoft, Google, the government and my banks and credit card issuer then you can bet your stuff is out there.

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    I'd say that as you're using a secondary address for delivery, then the request is reasonable - if it wasn't for that, I'd question it
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    Buy yourself a gift card and ship it anywhere you want. I do the same thing on amazon, gift card buying only.
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    Junior Member Ned Kelly's Avatar
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    All good suggestions. I will be placing my order this week. Thanks guys.

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    you can also just mail them the funds but ProCycle is a trustworthy organization for sure
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    don't give out your cell phone number. many places ask for it, and it could allow access to your phone and accounts. no different than giving out your SS number. get a couple cheap spare phones and use one of those numbers.
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