Wanted to Say Hi. Bought 2, engine hesitation on 1
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    I wanted to actually post and say hi to all the members here. Its an odd story on how I came to post here, but so far I am really happy with the recent purchase. I had previously owned and ridden older enduros, and then quads. We moved 6-7 years ago and I had no place to ride the quads legally so we sold them. Bought a boat and just recently decided that it was getting no use. I came across a pair of TW's for trade on a boat. I didn't make that trade but the TW had me interested. So after selling my boat I picked up a 2006 with 700 miles and could not be happier. Its that off road fun, yet local town cruise that really has me intrigued.

    This forum appears to have a bunch of great members that are all about sharing their experience and knowledge, and its very welcoming.

    My coworker took interest in the TW as well and the day after I found mine bought a 1991 and its got about 6000 miles on it. We had been looking for 2-3 weeks before both purchases lined up. He stores his at my place and said to use it whenever I wanted to take a cruise. I had it started today and noticed that there is some smoke at first start up and while going down the road. Also it seems to stumble at mid throttle. Given its not mine and its new to him I took it back home and decided to park it.

    Where should I start here exactly? I am somewhat experienced with auto work and frequently work on my vehicles. I am not however that familiar with carburetors or their adjustments, as well as to what other reasons may cause this. My Father in Law said it needs rings due to the smoke, but I am not convinced of that.

    Any help would be excellent I have been searching the old forums for hesitation, and have come across some info, but its somewhat foreign to me still.

    Anyway I am excited to have found the site and am really looking forward to fall riding (Michigan) and then spring fun.

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    Welcome! I probably don't have near the experience of many of the guys on these forums, but I have had the pleasure of keeping my TW going for about 10 years now.

    If I were in your shoes, I would start with the unknowns before tearing anything apart:

    • Do an oil change with filter as you don't really know what type or weight is in the bike.
    • Get fresh fuel in it as you probably don't know how old the current fuel is.

    I am assuming you don't really know what kind of maintenance was done by the prior owner or when. Check the forum here for some cautionary notes regarding the oil filter. Good Luck!

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    Ok will do, and thanks for those suggestions.

    I noticed the manual states 10 W30 or 20 W50, then on the oil change thread I see people using 10 W40...

    Given i am in a more northern climate and may ride this during the winter months. whats the suggested oil to use here?

    I plan on getting an oil change on my bike soon and the coworkers bike came with all the necessary items to do the change, oil, filter, orings, etc. I will double check his filter for the proper flow holes before we use his, and I will be getting my filter soon.

    I was just not sure what oil viscosity to use. i will have to research that some more before I purchase any.

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