Update..on wifes progress on TW
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    Some of you may remember my earlier posts regarding teaching my wife to ride on a TW, then me getting one to ride along side her. Well since then we have gotten another one, a 96. for my son (32years old)to join us when he can. We have been having a blast. My wife has made amazing progress, I even think she may be better on the dirt roads than I am. She has not had any falls, even though we have ridden is some powder sand, she has been chased by a German shepard dog, which was quite comical to watch though my mirrors,and yes I know its not a laughing matter. The dog hazard is the only down side we have, as it seems in the County in Florida where we ride there is no legal requirement for dog owners to keep their dogs on their property.

    We only get to ride maybe one or two days every other week or so if we are lucky, as we keep the bike out in the country, 185 miles away. And now because she has so much fun, I dont get to ride my VStrom at all.

    She is totally hooked on riding and the TW. showing affection to it that surprises me.She absolutely loves the little bike, and seeing that she is only 5'1" and can only just touch ground with her toes (with a thick sole boot)even after lowering the bike to the point where there is almost no suspension travel. They make the perfect couple.

    For all the people out there thinking if the TW would be a good first bike...I am her to say it would not be good...it would be perfect.

    Mods done to all three bikes: Golden Boy front tires (thanks Lizrdbrth for the suggestion), O ring chains, 14/47 gears. Racks on the back with storage tubes,(agria supply).

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    Glad to here your wife likes riding the TW, or any bike for that matter! +1 for the son getting one too. It can be so much fun when it's a family affair.

    Ride on (too you all)!
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    yeah the TW gave my wife a confidence boost as well.. she was learning on ropey suzuki GN125's at the government riding school.. they'd been dropped more times than err........ somethign that got dropped a lot.. ( not one of them had straight handle bars... and each bike had its own "character" since she didnt get the same bike each time her nerves were a bit shot,, altho she passed the basica control and was qualified for L plates on the street...

    so I got her the rust bucket TW and she loved the fat tires immediately! and becos she could ride the same bike with the same quirks she passed her on road test 1st time!

    now it aint rusty but thats another story!

    wished we were over there where we could get some proper exploring done on them!
    2001 TW200 - supertrapp stubby exhaust

    1996 CRM 250 - 2 smoker - FMF exhaust

    1998 Honda CB600 Hornet - ( a.k.a Honda 599 ) - micron , ohlins rear - CB600F3 front forks..

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    That's awesome! The TW is such a fun, friendly bike. Congrats to your wife.

    My 8-year old daughter has already told me I can never sell mine because she loves it and wants to ride it when she's old enough. She loves motorcycles already (though she's on a Vstrom in this picture).

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    Still modding our his/hers bikes. Read that post to her this a/m...hopefully the seed is not only planted but germinating now as well. Will start her out on flat ground in the Owens Valley til she gets some confidence.
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    Very cool. My wife threatens to stop riding with me when the subject of getting her a bike comes up!!

    Oh well, it is nice to have the company, as well as a second set of legs to flail at dogs that get too close

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    Three solutions to the dog problem:

    1) If your skills are good enough, turn around and chase them. Great fun!

    2) Squirt bottle of ammonia. Set it to make a fine spray. The odor will discourage the dog and a fine spray will not be possible to get enough in the dog's eyes to do any damage.

    3) Shoot the dog's owner, then adopt the dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STEVE IN SOCAL View Post
    Still modding our his/hers bikes. Read that post to her this a/m...hopefully the seed is not only planted but germinating now as well. Will start her out on flat ground in the Owens Valley til she gets some confidence.

    Well if it will be of any encouragement, I didnt mention the fact that my wife and myself are 58 years old...and at this age it seems to take a little more guts to do the stuff younger people dont think twice about...ask me how I know.

    I only started riding at around 50....

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    I have been teaching my girlfriend how to ride. She started on my t-dub and had a blast. She bought an old Honda CM400T for super cheap and we did a little work to it. Now she has gotten really good at riding that. She got back on the t-dub and said it felt weird now . She is going to take the test on her little Honda. She doesn't want to ride the trails for now so she wanted a street bike.
    Bryan Bagwell

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    Glad your wife is having fun on the TW. I got one for my wife, for the same reasons, and although she's just beginning, I can tell she really likes it. (and I do too )

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