Dealing with idle TW?
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    Been out of town for work and wedding for close to 2 weeks straight. Will come home and be excited to fire her up. Any suggestions for starting it from an idle time of weeks?

    thanks all

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    I would suggest spreading the oil around. What I mean by this is moving the motor oil around the inside of the engine a little bit before starting the bike. First, check your oil level & add oil if necessary. Next, with the ignition off, & the choke off as well, and with the throttle off, use the kick starter to turn the engine over about 6 times or so. If you do not have a kick starter, pull the spark plug boot / connector off of the plug, and with the ignition on, bike in neutral, all other steps followed as to the oil check & choke & throttle, turn the engine over for a few seconds, (six revolutions should be plenty) and then turn the ignition off, put the spark plug boot / connector back on, and then start as normal.

    If you have been gone for some time, (maybe longer than two weeks) you should check the bike for mouse nests, if that kind of thing happens where you live. They like to get into air cleaner & chew the foam, they also like to get under the seat & make nests on top of the battery. Have a good look around.

    It would also be a good idea to check your tire pressure, chain tension, oil the chain & grease swing arm zirc fittings, lube cables, check lights, battery electrolyte level, battery cable connections. All that stuff we usually mean to do but sometimes just don’t get ‘round to it.

    Sorry, I know, big list. Oh, maybe wash & wax? I’ll stop now. Sorry. Have fun! m.

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    Two weeks? Normal pre-ride checks and go. Two weeks isn't long enough to worry about.

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