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Thread: New machine and member

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    New machine and member

    This 2016 TW200 was sitting at the local dealership.
    Now it's mine.
    If it wasn't for the fact it was there and this forum I would not have bought it.
    As soon as I drove off the lot I started to grin.
    At 58 I don't need much more excitement.
    And I don't expect to be passing anyone.. nor do I care.
    First new bike in 25 years.
    There are plenty of places around my neck of the woods that I haven't explored yet.
    It's perfect.
    The Vino I have been riding around town for the past 7 years. 9500 km's on it.
    I figure 10 years later my grandson can have the TW.
    Great forum.

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    Congratulations and welcome to the Family!
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    Groton, NY
    Welcome from Groton, NY!
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    Welcome from NE Oregon
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    Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
    Welcome from the other side of the country.
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    Welcome from Bel Air Maryland. Now it's time to Farkle that baby up.
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    Welcome! There are a few Maritime members here. Some beautiful rides in that part of the country.
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    Welcome from near Groton, NY. I would have chimed in sooner but I was busy riding!

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    We don't ride out TW's Tom. We customize and and talk about riding. You need a priority check my friend.

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