Back on a TW again
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    Sold my 07 last Fall, thinking it might be my last bike... foolish thought but I always feel like that in the Fall. It had some minor issues at about 4500 miles... base gasket oil weep, would need tire(s), maybe a chain & sprocket(s) and last oil change I had done it had more junk in the filter than normal... filings of sorts. It ran great however, I let it go for $1800.

    Just didn't want to put money in it... especially in the Fall.

    So Spring came and I decided I might look for a brand new one, I really did like the bike even though the bike before it was a V-max... I put about 4000 miles on it in a year, which was a lot for me... (but now I am retired).

    Two local dealerships had problems finding my new one... none around the Eastern Shore of MD here. In the process I found a 2003 Suzuki VS1400 at one dealership for a decent price and I almost bought one of those twice before so I bought it. For my body, contrary to what I have read, it is the most comfortable bike I ever had... (out of about 22), runs nice, handles better than I expected and I'd give it an 8 or 9 out of 10 on most qualities... ride, power, etc. and I heard they are pretty low maintenance.

    But I kept looking at bikes for sale, partially to get something for my girlfriend who is just learning. Craigslist had a 2007 TW at a dealership near Baltimore for a decent price, but I had read on this forum that certain model years were more prone to the oil weep than others so I didn't want to get it... but in their picture I saw what looked like another TW in the background. Turned out to be a brand new 2012 and their price was about $1000 less than the local dealers would be, so now it's in my "garage". Along with an additional 48 month factory warranty.

    Now I have to reorder grip puppies, the Moose racing rack and another battery tender, then I'll mount my GPS and be back where I was.... only better.

    This forum has helped a lot along the way, although I tend not to post often. Thanks everyone.


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    Enjoy the new bike!

    2008 Yamaha TW200

    2011 Kawasaki Versys

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    Motoman or at least oil changes

    Ride in good health

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    Hard habit to kick from what it sounds like to me. My long ago old friend Ganja Willie used to say,

    “When you got the good, (fill in the blank)” Well, you got the good! Nuth’n like the feel of a brand spanking new trail bike. Now the jones’ will let up! Slightly jealous, m.

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    Sweet ! Welcome Back !
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    Thanks for the "welcomes", haven't ridden much cause of weather but looks like it will be improving soon, got everything installed... grip puppies, Battery Tender, Moose Racing Rack, 12v receptacle (not aux. gas tank which I don't keep on it) and ready to roll.

    Also removed the strap on the seat which I did with the other also... don't know why they even bother with that, I'd hate for anyone to trust it a whole lot to hold on to and I like to move around the seat and sitting on that is not comfortable.


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