Tw weekend to do list....
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    Have 3 things on the TW to do list for this saturday. Put coleman seat pad/cover on (got it at Cabelas), install black headlight stone guard, and fix really stiff and hard to turn fuel petcock. Local motorcycle shop told me to just carfully take it apart and polish cone with 3m scotch pad (green scrubbing pad). If all goes well and doesn't get too windy sunday I'll take the "Black Widow" for a spin to Knoxville OHV and try to find the swimming hole/waterfall I've heard about. Will take pics of upgrades and trip of course....
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    I was gonna say you have 4 things:

    1. Seat Pad

    2. Stone Guard

    3. Petcock

    4. Ride

    But technically you did list ride!

    Meanwhile, I'm working. Ugh!
    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    Have a good Ride ! Be Safe ! !
    Dave A. Smith

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