Rugged smart phones
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Thread: Rugged smart phones

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    Rugged smart phones

    I just bought this Kyocera duraforce xd rugged smart phone from ebay. These things are tough,and big, before I bought it I watched a video, where this guy put one in a washing machine and did the full wash and spin cycle.
    It didn't faze the phone, and they can be dropped from I think 9 feet without damage. But they also can take high temperatures. My other phone is an LG g4 and if it gets over 99 degrees it shuts itself off. These can take up to 140 degrees.
    But the reason I bought it is to use it for a gps, garmin pisses me off, with their small screens, and their proprietary bs. I tried to use basecamp but I gave up.
    I'm an idiot on this stuff but after I got this phone I didn't even have to put in a sim card, I just connected to my wifi and downloaded Locus map. After downloading the tracks I want I turn off wifi and put the phone on airplane mode,
    and this extends battery life. But this phone does have a replaceable battery which I really like, and these are big batteries it goes at least 6 or 7 hours on a charge. I can find tracks to all of the local trails.
    And there are already tracks available for almost any trail you can imagine, without this app I'm sure I would have made some wrong turns on the Rimrocker trail.
    And I don't plan on using this phone for anything but gps duties, so to go along with the phone is this Perfect Squeeze, phone mount. I've always liked Ram mounts but compared to this they look like toys, and I've read where their Xmount has let phones fall.
    These mounts are supposed to hold your phone securely no matter how rough the trail.
    I've put in a pic of the road to Muley Point, it's so simple, even I can just follow the colored line.
    BTW Happy 4th to everyone.
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    I've had likely 9 or 10 Garmin handhelds through the years...but once I found Locus I haven't used a handheld since. That is one well-thought-out app. The amount of configuration options is a little scary at first, but once you get onto it, it's by far the best app I've been able to find for mapping online/offline, saving and organizing tracks and waypoints... Add the map tweak and you can get offline maps from tons of sources... And I really like the fact that it's 2 clicks to back up all your data and upload it to a cloud account and easily restore it if you ever need to. $10 buys a lifetime membership.
    For myself, the only thing that's missing is a web interface where you could keep your stuff sync'd and view and manipulate tracks and points on a large screen.
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    Gonna have to look into that app. Thanks

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