Motorcycle Ergonomics
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    I found an online Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator. Now you can try on for size every motorcycle you ever had an interest in. You can tailor it to your dimensions, customize the bike and change display options. It's cool.

    One of my only complaints in life is that being a "precision sized" 5'6" with a 29" inseam has limited the selection of motorcycles that I feel comfortable trying to ride. Of course if I was more determined, I would just stop whining and make it work.

    In any event I used the simulator for bikes with which I was already familiar and then some of which I have only dreamed. It seems to be on the money and some of those dream rides may be within reach, literally. Enjoy.
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    This is probably the most important determinant of joy with a motorcycle.

    Glad you brought it up. I've always wondered how many handlebars are sitting in the exact same position that the dealer's setup guy installed them 10 years ago, and how many folks consider bikes like the TW to be "great bikes as long as you don't ride them for more than 100 miles" as a result.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    Thanks for sharing that website, it was fun. Looks like a WR250R is a little too tall for me, but the TW is juuuuust right!
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    What a good app. For me, I am 6 feet 5 inch tall 240 lbs, When I shop for a bike I have to use the fit test, so many bikes that I try on will not work for me, ( like a par of boots ) The Tw200 is small for me,I put bar riser on it ( big help ) new foot pegs on E-Bay for my big feet, Yamaha MX 250 gear shifter,It adds 1 inch to make it longer. Eazy to shift now. The bike fits me like a Pit Bike,but it rides so good. I do not give a shi! What I look like. But I have such a good time rideing it !
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    I tried it out on my TW, but I sit WAY at the back of the seat... basically where the passenger would sit. I tried using my Virago, and that thing was WAY off. They show my knees over the handlebars and my elbows bent at 90-degrees, which just isn't right, so can't quite count on it.

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    This is even more of a big deal on bicycles. Geometry is a major factor in finding the right bike.

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