How much Mileage on your TW
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Thread: How much Mileage on your TW

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    How much Mileage on your TW

    I was just wondering, what sprocket set up is recommended Also thinking of swapping my rear sprocket (50 teeth) for a 47 or maybe a 45. Would need people's feed back on those whom have done this change.
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    A 37 tooth rear sprocket would be ridiculous.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tw200quebec View Post
    I was just wondering, I have a TW 200 2013 and do quite a lot of millage, mostly dirt roads and paved and cruze at an average of about 70 KMh. How much millage do some of you TW owners have without touching the motor. I heard about some TW's having 30K km and more with original motor and tranny!! Also thinking of swapping my rear sprocket (50 teeth) for a 37 or maybe a 35. Would need people's feed back on those whom have done this change.
    Welcome Tw200quebed, enjoy your TW.

    You may want to read this thread regarding which sprockets to use or not.
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    Not enough HPs for that small of a sprocket. Smallest I have heard of is 42. That's what came on mine and I changed it pretty fast. I now run a 52. Oh and I have 12,350 approx. on my TW now.
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    Someone here has put over 80,000 kilometers on their TW without need for engine nor transmission repair. Of course owner would never have achieved that with a 35 tooth rear sprocket, the “lugging” would be murder on the lower end and the clutch would not last long with all the slipping required to get the TW moving.
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    52,500 kilometers and going strong. Different piston and cylinder but everything else original. I changed the piston and cylinder for larger ones with higher compression in search of more power, speed, and economy.

    i vote for 45 teeth.
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    Why change it anyway?
    Engineering built a good machine, ride it as is.
    What are you attempting to accomplish?

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    Illinois TW 12,030 carb needs work, float leaks if gas is not shut off, jugs leaks
    Arizona TW16,013 head gasket leaks,

    might add add I have Suzuki gz250 I ride also that has over 10,000 miles.

    all three bought used with 250 to 2500 miles on them. So between the three I have put on about 33,000 miles
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    2104-purchased new on 03/20/14....6513 miles and nary a touching of engine or anything, except new front tire, new chain, oil changes, and swapping out rear rack a couple of times...well and twice clutch levers changed {Hoot with cases of "Dropitis"

    Still original spark plug, oil filter{the medal stock one is great and cleaning is EZ}....

    tw200 006.JPG
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    11,550 miles on my '13. Just the normal maintenance stuff and new o-rings on the valve and timing chain covers. Tried a 47 and 48 tooth rear sprocket but went back to the 50. If I'm going to do a lot of pavement at 60 mph, I'll take the KLR or the 1600.
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