TW sets National Speed Record!
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    I was looking at bikes in the Bike EXIF archives and came across this TW in Australia.

    ...setting a new national open class 250cc record at Lake Gairdner. Do you know any other commuter bikes that have broken national speed records?

    How cool is that?!


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    Something witty...

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    That's waaay cool! When I read the heading I thought to myself, OK, what's the joke? It never occurred to me that it was actual fact. That bike is fast, and awesome looking, too.
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    Kewel TW for commuting. 74mph is slow for a 200. 74mph is good for a basically stock TW engine. My SL100 turned 101.01 at Bonneville and did not set a record. It was my daily rider first 2 years of high school. A bicycle did 125+ that year, but was following a van with a fairing to break the wind. 250cc shifter karts turn 160mph+ with 250cc engines.

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