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Thread: Seafoam price

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    $6-8 at most places.
    $5 on sale.
    Shop around, prices vary a lot and it's often on sale.
    I use Sea Foam and StaBil interchangeably. They work equally well and it doubles my chances of finding it on sale.
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    "has anyone noticed the price of Seafoam going way up?? At my local Advance Auto parts, its up to about $11 can."

    Sounds like you might be getting the good Canadian stuff cause thats what it cost up here on a good day.

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    Berryman's is only $2.89-2.99 a can and works very well, better than Seafoam. Add 1 oz/gal of fuel every 3 or 4 tankfuls and you'll never get a clogged up, gummed up, carb. I have been using it for years in my mowers. bikes. golfcart, boats, and many of these may sit for months without use, and they start up and run perfectly.

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    Upon the advice of several blasphemers who have already posted on this thread, I purchased Berrymans for $3.49 compared to Seafoam in the same store for $10.99. Hmmmmm.... I'll try it and see. I wish I had something running crappy to pour it into and see immediate results like I often do with Seafoam.
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    Recent purchase of two cans last week at AutoZone, on sale. About $11 for two. Usually $10 each.
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    I haven't seen any fuel cleaner for only 3 bux a can in 15 years...that stuff was priced wrong or it was a 3 oz can...haha
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