Enduro/Dual Sport rental
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Thread: Enduro/Dual Sport rental

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    Enduro/Dual Sport rental

    Anywhere in Boise have enduro/dual sport rental? I'm out here from FL with fire SEAT and won't be leaving until late Sept.

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    I've never heard of any rental places before but a quick google revealed a couple possibles. You might also do a google search and see if you get more than what my quick search came up with.

    | Into The Horizon Adventure Motorcycle Tours

    Dirt Bike Rentals Boise Idaho | Variety of Skill Levels | Reserve
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    Wonder how the culmulative rental fees compare to just buying a used bike?
    Get a used KLR or similar Dual Sport and donate it at end of SEAT for a tax deduction as well as the satisfaction of going something for your fellow man.
    I’ve given vehicles to Habitat For Humanity in the past, don’t think this guy ever drove them, but he just might climb aboard your freshly donated KLR.
    I don’t know where Carter’s Security Detail is at these job sites, but hope the Ex-President’s Secret Service guys can swing a hammer too.
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    I have a 2008 xt250 that might rent out to you. Do you want it the remainder of your time in Boise, or just a couple of days here and there? Pm me if interested and we can discuss what prices work for you.
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