Another TW Riders Survey

Poll: Tell us more about where you ride, how you gear up, etc.

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    I have found that the free survey tool (on I used to create the TW Forum Demographic Survey does a great job, but that the freebie version only allows 100 entries a month. I'm pleased at the response to the survey and will report the final results soon, but we're just a few entries away from that 100 mark for this month.

    So, seeing that I've overlooked a a survey tool built into this forum, I thought I'd try it for a mini-survey to get some interesting info and explore what the tool can do.

    Give this survey a try!

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    I always wear a helmet and gloves. Sometimes a jacket and boots. On hot days a t shirt is a chance I am willing to take . On short trips to the store, bank , or samich , tennis shoes or what ever I am wearing . I havent ever ridden with shorts it just seems wrong .

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    Helmet + goggles is a must for me, second is boots, and then gloves, jacket, armor, etc etc...

    - RIDE -

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