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    Hello all!

    Let me start by saying you guys have a great little community here! I own a 2009 Toyota Tacoma and this TW forum reminds me a lot of ...


    I have been reading the posts here for the last few months because I will be picking up a near mint condition (small scratch on plastic) 2003 TW with 2181 miles. This bike is VERY clean. They are asking 1750 which lines up with the kellie blue book price. I'm thinking of offering here 1500.00 cash. My question is this:

    Is there a thread somewhere that has instructions for a basic tune up? I'm looking for what will need to be done to this bike before I ride it. I could just take it to a service center but I was able to learn how to work on my Tacoma, so I figure the TW should not be that hard. Does anyone have a link to a full service DIY (Do it yourself) thread. I'm thinking I'll need to at least change the oil and filter? This will be my first bike...will I need to change the chain/sprocket? If can I tell it is time to change it? I have done some reading on the 0 ring chain and if I need a new chain I'll be going with the o ring.

    So oil change, possible chain sprocket change, what about the fork....? Oil change for the fork?

    As I mentioned above this is my first bike....will I need to adjust the carburetor?

    Is there a link with all this info on one thread?

    Any help would be great. Sorry for the newb questions.

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    Never mind just found the technical help section

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