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Thread: Pita

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    I damaged by coccyx (tailbone) almost two years back; dirtbiking throttle-stick wreck..not on the TW. The OE seat on the TW didn't work at all, so I opted for a Seat Concepts foam/cover hoping that would be an improvement.


    It took awhile to get a 'round tuit, but today was the day...and my first ride with a fanny-groove cut into the foam (only 30 miles) worked very well.

    I thought an oscillating tool would work on the foam. It doesn't. I tried my 1/4" air cut-off tool with a resin disk...that worked very well. I ran the tool at moderate pressure/speed and could shape the notch any way I wanted to. A couple of end result shots:

    Now you don't see it (channel has been cut):

    IMG_1479 TW seat cutout (Small).jpg

    Now you do!

    IMG_1480 TW seat cutout (Small).jpg

    Well worth it!
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    Nice work. Glad it helps.
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    Good work!
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    Well done!
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    I damaged my tail bone as a kid and I do remember it hurt real bad and for a very long time. I bought a special donut pillow at a medical supply store and dragged it around with me for a solid year. With this sort of injury one must do what ever it takes to be comfortable.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery but PITA is the perfect description.

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    I've broke mine twice. The first time, I couldn't sit on both cheeks equally for over 10 years, second time wasn't so bad. It only took 6 or 7. And yeah, it hurts like a SOB...
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    That must be an annoying injury to deal with.
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    Hmmm, a Mc Clellen saddle for motorcycles.
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    I broke mine back in 1990, looks like an "L" on X-rays to this day, Really not much more than breaking a toe or finger, just nothing around to tape it too. I'll take a broke rib any day!

    I ment to post this a year or 2 ago.

    I also bought the Seat Concepts and found no relief.

    I put my factory seat foam between 2 2X4's ofr a guide and used a electric knife to shave off the bottom 1-1/2'', and then cut out the middle, making a "horse shoe". I then put it on top of the SC (wide side down) and pulled the cover tight and re stapled it.

    Most comfortable seat I have had in a long time.

    I wish I had done a tutorial on it , but it was a BEER induced event and I didn't know how it would turn out.
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    Different problem with a similar (temporary) solution...

    I was planning to ride a relatively new KTM 950 Adventure on a 3-week trip from N GA to Newfoundland and back in 2005.

    I had heard great things about Mike Renazco saddles, and had just had one delivered and installed for the trip.

    The first day's ride was from N GA to Rockville, MD. I used the beaded seat cover I modified and used with good results on both Corbin and Sargent saddles in the past. But when I got to Rockville, I had to pee and found I had zero feeling in my nether regions - not good! It took the better part of a half hour for feeling to even start coming back.

    Apparently, a rounded saddle can put excessive pressure on the perineum, and cause all sorts of problems over time, including erectile dysfunction. Don't need that!

    Necessity being the mother of invention, I came up with this:

    It worked well enough to get me through the trip. When I got home I sold the Renazco saddle and bought a used Corbin, which worked well for me for over 10 years.

    As an aside, the flat, firm saddle on the TDub is actually not too bad for me.
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