3,000 for an 01 TW200 with 2,000 miles a good price?
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    someone is trying to sell me a TW200 for 3,000 dollars so i was wondering if its over priced or not.....bikes near-perfect condition with 2,000 miles on it. thanks

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    Expense like beauty is in the eye of the beholder (of the dough). Yes, $3k sounds like a lot compared to many bikes of that age, but I'd rather have a 2001 that has been taken care of rather than a 2011 that has been thrashed, abused, and screwed with. A bike that is 10 + years old has a few things that will eventually warrant replacement but not so many that would preclude a purchase at a slightly elevated price if 1. You want the bike now versus waiting around for a better deal (what are two months of prime riding worth?); 2. You can convince yourself that you are getting a pristine bike; and 3. You have the money for a $2300 - $3000 bike versus waiting for one at a lower price. Notice I'm suggesting you try to bargain down the price. Clearly if you don't have the money you don't want to consider the bike. I have a bike of that vintage and I would not take $3000 for it, because I know it, trust it and value it. I'd say if you want the bike and can afford it you should buy it (because you want it, and not because you think you can resell if for that price). Paying a premium is not bad if you can afford it. Hey I shop at thrift stores so I can splurge on things that are more important than the things I buy there. nuff said. Good luck in your deliberations. Tom
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    lol thanks..

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    Thats definitely high.. Where are you located. They seem to run a higher out west than in central/eastern US. I snatched a mint 07 with a rack, jimbo shield with 2,000 miles on it in illinios early this year for $2100. I would try to get him down alot but it all depends on you and how bad do you want it right now.

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    I think I stumbled onto a very good deal as my 06 with only 85 miles on it purchased this year was $2,195. A Dr. had owned it and never had time to ride it. I could not find any close by in Colorado so was going to drive a half day to Utah to look at one for about the same price but more miles.

    I sold my 94 XR650L (to the first caller) and had the cash after delivering it to the buyer. Once back to the house, before taking off to Utah I decided to call a nearby trusted dealer just for the heck of it but I knew he would not have one because the local dealers don't even have new ones in stock. I asked if by any chance he had any TWs. He said, well yes, someone just traded one in - I'll go look. Then he mentioned the mileage and I thought "no way" and when he told me the price I headed over - like quickly! Looking over the bike for scuff marks from the boots etc., it did seem to be an honest 85 miles. My wife and I looked at each other like how did we sell the one bike and get more than we hoped for all in the same day - wow! So, I don't really know what an 06 should cost other than looking around at prices on the web but I felt like I ended up getting a "new" bike for half price and my wife was thrilled too. We are now enjoying breaking it in.


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    Not knowing where you live makes it hard to tell. In 06' I bought my 01' with 1300 miles for 2900. Thought I payed a little more then I should have but out here and at the time TW's were very hard to come by. I drove 3hrs the night before I was to leave for deer hunting camp. Worked out that he had a carrier that went with it.
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    I paid $1100 for a 2001 with 3200 miles on it.

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    My 2001 with 2,000 miles on it purchased a few months ago in East Texas cost me $1300. It was not pretty but cleaned up and seems to run good. I had been shopping for quite a while and everything else I saw was farther away, already sold or more expensive, but I was not in a hurry. Where are you?
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    I paid 2500 for an 08 with 1200 miles

    offer 1800 he will turn it down though

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    That seems pretty high to me.

    I paid $2100 for my slightly used (1400 miles) 2008 and $3000 for my wife's brand new 2009 left-over. Both were purchased at Yamaha dealerships. I believe I would have paid less in a private party sale.

    It's really up to you & how much you are willing to spend. But I wouldn't pay more than KBB or NADA values.

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