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Thread: TW200 stuff...

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    TW200 stuff...

    What is your favorite hand guard brand... and... Your favorite accessory you have added on your TW200? These are not trick questions.. I am starting to look at different options and would like your humble opinion... Thanks...

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    Handlebar Riser and Seat Concepts seat.

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    generic ebay handguards (hardware is weak though, so bolt upgrade is nice). Several nice crashes right on them and holding up great. They are generic but it saves money to put to other upgrades IFF money is a factor.

    I am 6'3 and 20 stone (sounds better) so comfort upgrades have been great: Wide footpegs (again ebay) and a longer shifter, handlebar riser and mirror extenders are my favorite big benefit/low cost upgrades. About $80 combined, but WAY more of an ergonomic fit. If you are not tall and fat, congrats and please ignore these.

    I LOVE the near free upgrades posted here also. like lizberths carb tube relocation for water crossings (I went through a 6100 foot railroad tunnel this week and the water went over the top of my tall Forma Adventure boots, but TW kept on trucking. Would have stalled with the lower tube location, which would have lead to major panic attack). The 45 degree copper fitting on the muffler points the noise down, which is nice. Tool tube is handy, especially for under $10.

    Final favorite upgrade was a 12V accessory outlet (on a relay to prevent drain) as the most practical. I can power any two of my phone, inreach locator or GPS and keep them on the entire ride. Constant location, land ownership and side road knowledge without stopping. Great $20 add on.

    I am one of the few that wishes I had not spent the coin for the seat concepts. Well made product, just didn't add much for me. I wish I had just added a bit of foam to make the swell flatter and covered with neoprene type cover. Just in case you are in that camp, I strongly recommend trying one out on someone else's ride if at all possible.

    Good luck.
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    I’m with stage wax:
    Tusk D-flex hand guards for ~$55 -I feel they have superior mounting gear and moderately large wind and brush deflecting plastic “covers”.
    2” handlebar risers from $20- to $70 -I like the more expensive pivoting risers that allow bar to be moved both forward un upwards.
    Seat Concept Kit from PlacerLode...He’ll make you the best deal around.

    Better foot pegs are nice, also from under $20 to over $70

    Note: These were added to a TW used primarily for better trail riding ergonomics and comfort. Street riders may wish to focus on gearing and windshields
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    Tusk D-Flex handguards and homemade risers. (Actually made the risers at work, but don't tell anyone.)
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    At the moment the K760 front tire is my favorite upgrade. Cant imagine riding without it now.
    I do like the LED headlight too

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    My favorite "accessory" is my correctly set up suspension with stiffer springs and Race Tech gold emulators. Made a huge difference. Everything after that was just mild improvements.

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    Bar riser definitely

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    I think the best thing I did to mine was a Pelican-style case mounted on top of the OEM Yamaha rack. It was only around $29 and gives me lots of room for bottles of water, extra fuel, my jacket liner, improved tool kit, first aid kit, blah blah blah.

    2nd best was the Shinko 241 on the front.

    Being in Canada shipping hurts, so rather than risers I bought a set of Moose ATV-Hi bars for only $28.95. (Yay Fortnine) I actually had a cheap set of 2" pivoting risers on order from fleabay but they sat at customs so long I gave up waiting and just bought the bars. If someone close needed a set of risers, I could hook them up, since they arrived and are just hanging on the wall in the shed.

    I bought the no-name handguards from Skinwalker's thread and they're just fine and the aluminium with the black match my 2015 colour scheme nicely. . I dumped it once, hard enough to bend the factory bars (that was the other reason for the new ATV-Hi bars), and the handguards soaked up to the hit just fine.

    The $14 ebay foot pegs were also worth every penny.

    I don't ride aggressively enough to warrant considering any suspension upgrades, but I can certainly see how it would be beneficial to some folk's riding style.

    I went to a 45-tooth rear and am very happy with that. Most secondary roads have an 80-90km/h speed limit around here so I found I was at the top end of the revs for a lot of my road riding. (Well, it FELT like that, but per the experts, it would still be a country mile from redline) The 45 gave me a little more comfortable top end and I can take the highway for a few miles and not feel like I'm holding up traffic. Does 105-110 easily now, max on the flat is about 115km/hr and I'm 225 lbs. I do notice that I lost some grunt from a stop in tough trails, but those times are very few and far between since I ride mostly secondary roads, dirt roads, and easy trails. I'm more of a "I wonder where that goes" person than a "I bet I can get through THAT" person.
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    Moose Racing handguards and my best added item is my seat from seat concepts!

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